bull moose, late august, katahdin woods and waters national monument

Late August

Early. I was up early this morning. For the first time in weeks I don’t have anywhere I have to go this morning. No appointments or meetings, of which I’ve had a lot of these days. It’s late August but feels like September already. When I went out at 5:45 am it was 39°. That’s crazy. I’ve been closing the high tunnel at night since Friday to ripen tomatoes before I need to pull the plants to make room for fall crops.

The early start to this late August morning gave me a chance to cut basil, sage and lavender after I picked the first of a new-to-me variety of bush bean that was supposed to be French Mascott, but isn’t. The beans are small, very thin, and this morning I realized the description says purple flowers. This variety had white flowers. I’m not sure what I have but it’s not one I’ll repeat anyway. I’ll stick with Provider and Renee’s Tri-Color. I hope they freeze well.

Vacation in Maine

We spent an entire week on vacation in Maine! Doesn’t that sound exciting? haha We live in Maine…but we do love it here and we had a nice week of day trips. Ava and Zoey went on most trips with us. Other than whale watching they were along for the ride and hike, and for Ava, the swim.

We did venture out of the country when we went whale watching in the Bay of Fundy. Other than hundreds of porpoise and a dozen harbor seals, a few American Bald Eagles and a lot of sea birds, we saw two Minke whales. One spent some time around the boat and the other kept its distance.

We went to the Katahdin Woods & Waters National Monument one day. I’m not a fan of the monument for a hanful of reasons but we loved the time we spent there thanks to moose and lovely people. We watched a cow and her calf in the road for at least 20 minutes. People pulled up behind us and watched with us. Not minutes after the wandered into the woods we came upon a bull in the road. He tired of us after five or six minutes and left for other things more interesting.
bull moose, late august, katahdin woods and waters national monumentI hadn’t seen much of the North Maine Woods so we ventured north for a long day of backwoods roads, lakes, picnics and riding. I never tire of riding backwoods roads. The boarding house of long ago is still standing at Churchill Dam. As far as we can tell it’s used only for storage now. We went into the museum, a visit that made me long for a wood cook stove in our house and grateful that our sinks are not made of wood. Oh how hard the men and women worked in the lumbering industry, most of the work done by hand or what’s now considered crude tools.
We went to the coast one day, and Steve cooked lobsters on the beach. Another day was spent fishing for white perch and smallmouth bass on Boyden’s Lake, and then on Sunday we bummed around the homestead to get things done, and checked bear baits. I’m hunting now, the season opened yesterday. The only wildlife I saw was a gray squirrel, a couple of young blue jays that couldn’t figure out what was in the tree (me), and six Canada jays that were curious but unafraid. Late August, when things like the garden are slowing down but others, like hunting and firewood, are just starting.