Lake District Wildlife ParkReview

Hubs had taken the day off work on Friday and, as a special half-term holiday treat, we decided to head out to the Lake District Wildlife Park at Bassenthwaite, near Keswick, Cumbria.  It was another hot day, so the boys put their shorts and t-shirts on and we all lathered up in sun lotion.  We set off from home as early as we could and arrived at the Lake District Wildlife Park just before 11am.

We parked up and walked the short distance from the car park to the park entrance.  We paid for our tickets, which were a reasonable £24.85, and off we went.  We stayed fairly close to the entrance for the first half hour or so, looking at the meerkats, birds and donkeys.  This was because it was nearly lunchtime and the picnic tables and cafe are located by the entrance.  There aren’t really any points around the rest of the park to stop and eat, unless you’re happy sitting on a bench.  Hubs went back to the car and picked up our picnic whilst O and I washed our hands at the hand-washing station and went to sit down at a picnic table.

After we’d eaten our sandwiches, O and Hubs took the cool box back to the car and I fed Q whilst sitting at the picnic table (ouch, my back!).  When they came back, we all used the loos and we changed Q’s nappy.  The toilets and changing left a lot to be desired to be honest and weren’t particularly clean, considering the park had only been open 2 hours.  Q was popped back into his pram and covered over with his SnoozeShade as we started to make our way around the Lake District Wildlife Park.

It was almost time for the Birds of Prey display as we were looking at the different birds and one of the keepers came to take one of them out of the pen and over to the display field.  I’m quite nervous of birds so I didn’t go too close but O loved looking at them all and seeing the Bald Eagle being fed.  He came running over to me saying, “Mummy! That Eagle just ate some baby chicks!”.  It was also time for a talk about the lemurs and O loves those – particularly the ring-tailed lemurs as they ‘look like King Julian off Madagascar’!

Did you know there are over 100 species of lemur in Madagascar?!  I was amazed!  You can see in the picture above, there are a tiny set of twin baby lemurs hanging onto their mum’s back that are only 1 month old!  There are also a pair of red ruffed lemurs called Buffy and Willow – love the Vampire Slayer tribute there!  As we progressed around the park, we saw gibbons doing some funky dancing, a wildebeest standing proud in a shaded area and three beautiful zebras.  O couldn’t resist climbing into the safari jeep for a go behind the wheel!

The walkways led us up to a section of the park that features local wildlife that can be found in Cumbria and other parts of the UK.  A variety of beautiful owls, herons, deer and emus, as well as woodland and pond areas to search through.  Without realising, we had made a full circle and were approaching the play park and picnic area again.  O went to play on the slide and monkey bars, whilst I fed Q on another picnic table and used the changing facilities again.

Q was really quite warm, as were all of us really, and so we thought it was a good time to go home and get the paddling pool out!  O had a great time on the park and there’s a grassed area for the young children to play on ride-on tractors.  We bought an ice-cream each on our way out and got back to the car – having completed a good 2+ mile walk around the park.

We had a great day out and won’t hesitate to go back again!