LA Splash Spotlight Lengthening Mascara

Disclaimer: Purchased by me at IMATS. See bottom for more

I think it’s safe to say that it’s back…colored mascara!

Colored mascara can add a bit of pizzazz all over your lashes, or a pop of color when applied to the outer corner of your lashes. With such a focus on colorful makeup right now, it’s not a surprise that this product is making it’s way back into our makeup bags!

A couple years ago, LA Splash came out with a light-up mascara called Spotlight Lengthening Mascara, offering not just the everyday black and brown, but plum, blue and green, too. I picked up a Spotlight Lengthening Mascara in Vibrant Blue at IMATS a couple months ago.

This mascara isn’t just colorful, it’s got a light-up wand handle:

Here’s a look at the wand itself:

I was wary of the mascara. I like a product that lengthens and volumizes without gimmick, and I was worried that LA Splash’s attention to packaging might have taken away from the quality of the mascara and wand inside. I worried needlessly!

In the top pic collage, I used only the Spotlight Lengthening Mascara. (Excuse my little curly-cue eyelash, I sometimes have some stubborn lashes!)

In the second photo, I only used it in the outside corner of my lashes for a pop of color in an otherwise pretty tame eye look.

I have used this mascara alone, and I have used it over black mascara. Both ways, I like it. It does add volume and lengthen, without a lot of clumping. Sometimes I use my eye lash comber to do a little separating, but overall I like the formula, the application and the staying power of this mascara.

The light-up wand comes in handy, especially if you’re applying the mascara on the go, looking into the mirror on one side of the tube. Oh yes, there’s a mirror on one side of the tube that allows for touch-ups or application on the go – the brand paid a lot of attention to the packaging, and it works.

The Spotlight Lengthening Mascara is available in six colors – from black and brown to blue and green – and retails for $9.99. It can be purchased through the LA Splash website, and I also found it on Cherry Culture (which has it 20% off right now).

Colored mascara has been a quiet trend that’s really starting to heat up. In the last few months I’ve seen new colored mascara products from Maybelline and Wet n’ Wild (on an end cap at my local Walgreens), and Hard Candy is no new-comer to colored mascara in its core line at Walmart.

What do you think – do you like colored mascaras? How do you use them – all over your lashes or just in the outside corner? How daring do you get with your lashes?! I’d love to hear in the comments below!

Disclaimer: I purchased the LA Splash Spotlight Mascara, but with a discount at IMATS. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how keeps it real!