Keleti Train Station | Our Third Night Of Marriage | Part I

I wish I was a better storyteller than I am, because some stories just shouldn’t go untold.

Once upon a time two years ago in May (2016) we got married in Budapest, Hungary. It was a wedding beyond our dreams, and the act of getting married surrounded by loved ones from every home we’ve ever had in every country we’ve ever lived, was overwhelming to the point our hearts felt they could burst in a physical sense.

Wedding Photos

Two days later, we hadn’t even begun to recover. But we did something that felt a little crazy to me and got dressed back up for more pictures of us in the grand city of Budapest. I even went back to the hair and makeup artist. It seemed over the top at the time, but I tried to imagine regretting it later. I couldn’t and now we have the pictures, and definitely, no regrets.

We didn’t rush out in the afternoon to take the pictures, instead waiting for the sun to get a little low for that perfect glow. We knew potentially we could find ourselves in the situation which we did indeed find ourselves a couple hours later.

Keleti Train Station

At 8:42pm our train to Zürich would leave from Keleti Train Station. Thanks to our photographer who has superpowers and a superwife we did catch the train. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

First, our photographer called his wife who had a travel bag of our comfy clothes, to meet us at the tram closest to our hotel. We met her there, also with their one-year-old angel baby in tow. Super-photographer then asked her to go pick up some water and snacks for our train ride.

Meanwhile we three rushed to the hotel to retrieve our other bags from the luggage room and order a taxi. In my many, many trips to Budapest, that is actually something I have never done, even when I flew in alone to Budapest with half-a-pound-over-the-limit luggage. But this time, I didn’t have a watch, I was wearing a freaking wedding dress and heels, so chose to trust our photographer when he said, “if you ever need to take a taxi in your life, it’s now.” We met the wife and baby and our life-saving nutrition outside on the sidewalk just as the taxi pulled up.

No More Train Station Farewells

We got to Keleti train station with all of our bags even in time for some more picture taking. My adrenaline from catching the taxi and attempting to get there on time was taking a nosedive. For a few seconds I just stopped and marvelled that this is our life.

The pictures weren’t really posed. Some of them you can probably tell how true that is. Minus the wedding dress, the pictures reflected normal life for us. Not to mention them being symbolic of finally beginning our life together. Many, many times we’d gone our separate ways at train stations in the previous four years, whether in Hungary, Germany, or Switzerland. With tearful goodbyes, dramatic hands-on-opposite-sides-of-the-glass moments, walking then running next to the train to see each other as long as we could…Those all happened more than once. And only a long distance, long term relationship can make me not even care that you’re judging us and groaning inwardly right now.

This time we were together.

A Blushing Bride

Yes, as you may have noted from the details prior, we were still dressed in our wedding garb. When we got on the train at about 8:35 and the staring, pointing, and commenting from stangers commenced again, I began to lose it. (They had been coming at us ALL day as we had walked in the city, which was initially just weird and kinda cool, like being a celebrity, but quickly got old) The adventurous spirit I obviously had when we purchased the seat tickets for the overnight train ride From Keleti Train Station to Zurich for two nights after our wedding, was starting to wane. All I knew was I had to get out of the dress.

Whispering short please, Lord prayers as we searched for our cabin and our seats, I was so relieved–you can’t imagine how relieved–to see a young girl sitting alone in our cabin. This meant whether she stepped out or stayed, it wouldn’t be a major ordeal to get changed. We could pull the cabin curtains shut and I’d have a deluxe and semi-private changing room in contrast to using the tiny, sticky-with-pee, decorated-with-toilet-paper train bathroom.

In the midst of my Thank you Jesus’s, two young guys walked up.

…to be continued

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(pictures by Biri Adam)