Keeping Your Fitness Resolution

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Whether you’re a stay at home mom or work full time, getting to the gym can be a job on its own. I first joined a gym in my early twenties. I walked in unsure of becoming a member until I heard the best sales pitch of my life. The guy who took me through the walk through of the facilities knew I was unsure about joining and asked if I bought a cup of coffee everyday. When I answered yes, he told me to stop buying coffee and put the money toward a gym membership! It was the best advice I have ever gotten to date! Joining a gym and keeping fit has been the best gift I could have given myself.

I know that many of you are planning on dieting, exercising and becoming healthy for 2013. DO IT! Don’t procrastinate. Don’t keep saying I will join on Monday…


Monday! Here are some tips on getting yourself out there- and staying there!

Tips on joining a gym & actually going to it!

Join a gym that fits your needs. Mine were childcare and spin. The fact that I can take my kids (except when they are sick of course) leaves less excuses to not get there.

Visit a few before making up your mind. I really love where I go- it’s super clean, has the best equipment and offers every class imaginable. There is a cafe where I can get buy protein shakes or wraps, a cardio theater where I can watch a movie while running on the treadmill and a steam room that I have yet to use!

Partner up. Joining with a friend, co-worker or family member can help you feel more comfortable. Your putting yourself in a vulnerable situation…put your big girl panties on and get your ass out there! Everyone is there to better themselves…can’t knock anyone for that!

Utilize the trainer that is given with your membership. Most gyms provide two free sessions. They will teach you how to use the machines and help you build a plan for your needs. This is so important if you are new to working out. I agree that it can be scary- if they are working you too hard your first go- OPEN YOUR MOUTH and say something. You just want to be shown what to do…not be bedridden for a few days! Ask the trainer to be gentle!

If your a stay at home mom, put your workout clothes on as soon as you get out of bed! Something about having your gear on makes it easier to get there! If you work, pack a bag and go straight there if possible.

Bring water with you! Hydrating will help you make it through a workout!

Bring music that gets you pumped!

My resolution is to challenge myself more in my workouts. I’m going to try classes I haven’t tried before- especially yoga! I suck at it! I can’t relax…my mind races. I would love to learn how to enjoy it- so I’m going to give it a go. As I challenge myself, I will update with posts of course!

Living a healthy lifestyle has made me feel happier. I’m not always prefect and often fall off the wagon! I love to eat so it’s hard to always be good…I do believe in balance. You have to enjoy yourself and live. When I am consistent in my workouts and healthy eating, I feel amazing- I have more pep in my step, I’m lighter, my clothes fit me better! Being fit takes tons of effort- it is work. The payoff is worth every minute of it.

Is your resolution to get fit and healthy? If so, what are your plans on doing so?