KBShimmer Suns Out: Tri-Thermal with Aurora Shimmer

Disclaimer: PR sample, see below.

Friends don’t let friends settle for tri-thermal nail polish collections that don’t have aurora shimmer in them.

So I’m here to tell you, KBShimmer‘s nine-piece Suns Out tri-thermal collection has launched just in time for fast-approaching summertime to satisfy my need for polishes that do tricks (I’m such a sucker for a thermal, magnetic, etc) and a polish that has multi-color shimmer to it.

“Whether you like to sunbathe by the pool or beach, love to go boating, or just enjoy spending the season in your own back yard, this collection has a nail polish for every warm weather occasion,” said the KBShimmer team in a news release.

I’ve got a very picture-heavy post today, and a total confession that with short, close-to-nub nails, the tri-thermal effect is very varied for me. Despite my lack of free nail edge, I was able to see some fade from the heated color to the cooler color, and I’ve included a couple “in action” shots to show how these looked not only in my staged photos.

Lighting quality will vary as I had to move extremely quickly to capture the shift – it doesn’t take long for them to return to the state they were in originally. I wore each polish vs. swatch and I’m very happy to report that all of these were fun to wear and showed varying degrees of effect based on my  body temp or the environment!

Now onto the fun! Please note, under each polish name, pictures go from warm to cold to show each state and shimmer; with most I have an “in action” or attempt to show the effect on my nails!

Slay La Vie

Slay La Vie is described as a vibrant magenta that shifts to a bold rose, then to a shocking pink when warmed, all with indigo to blue aurora shimmer! This is such a beautiful color combo for summer.

Just Glow With It

Just Glow With It is described as a near-neon red when its cold, shifting to a neon coral orange and eventually, a bright hot pink when warmed! It’s got aurora shimmer shifting from coppery orange to bright green. My nails were constantly in the hot pink or neon coral phase and it was such a great pop of color on my hands!

That’s S’more Like It

That’s S’more Like It is described by the brand as a milk chocolate brown glowing with bright aurora shimmer that turns fiery red and eventually light orchid as your hands warm. The shimmer flashes gold and green tones. This is such a unique color combo, what a fun surprise to see it change!!!

Reel Good Time

Reel Good Time is described as a deep eggplant burgundy accented with aurora shimmer that goes from coppery red to green, with the base color shifting to purple-leaning indigo and eventually light orchid pink as your hands are warmed. I really love all the states of this but the coldest is truly my jam!

Aft Backwards

Aft Backwards is described as a deep midnight shade accented by a bright indigo blue aurora shimmer shifting to grape purple and eventually, when warmed, hot pink! This one is so much fun, I’m really feeling the pink/purple with such a gorgeous shimmer!

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Grow With The Flow

Grow With the Flow is described as a deep grape purple accented with soft pink to golden green aurora shimmer that warms to a lavender-leaning periwinkle and eventually a bright robin’s egg blue. The shimmer in this is so stunning, I found myself sitting in traffic and just admiring my nails. What better to do when in rush hour and stopped at a red light?!

Best Buds


I’m just going to call it like it is: Best Buds is my favorite of this tri-thermal collection, because it is FUN. It’s described as starting out a jeans-like deep slate blue, warming to a deep orchid and popping out a fun, bright lime green – all accented with an aurora shimmer ranging from coppery orange to bright green.

Pool Shark

Pool Shark is my second favorite of the collection. It’s a deep slate-leaning navy blue accented by soft pink to green and gold aurora shimmer; when warmed, it becomes a deep periwinkle blue giving way to a light and bright sky blue. Being the blue lover that I am…YES! I think you can tell from my second photo that the tips of my nails are darker than the middle thermal shade – I totally failed at getting the darkest shade on camera. The colors and their shimmer are gorgeous. Did I mention that?!

Aloe There

Aloe There is described as a rich forest green hue set off by orange-red to green aurora shimmer. Then, as your hands warm, a vibrant Kelly green changes into a bold lime green. I loved each state of this and can definitely see the tri-thermal effect in that last photo!

These all dry matte, so I recommend KBShimmer Clearly on Top for a glossy (and quick) finish if you crave shine!

As I mentioned before the swatches – these react quick! But that’s part of what I love about them. I wore each one for one or more days, and I can truly say that they were fun to wear, and caught some attention!

Thermals generally have a shelf-life of about 6 months with their shifting trick, but I will have to report back on how these hold up. I have a Femme Fatale polish I forgot was a thermal that I purchased a couple years ago still shift, surprising me! So there are no guarantees, but I WOULD like to check back with you on these, perhaps next spring, to see how these hold up!

The Suns Out collection will launch May 10th, 2019 at 10 a.m. EST. They are $11 each. Will you be picking up any of these beautiful tricksters?! I’d love to hear which one you like the looks of best!

Disclaimer: I received the product in this post for consideration from the PR Firm/Manufacturer. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how BeautyJudy.com keeps it real!