KBShimmer Seas the Day!

Disclaimer: PR sample, see bottom

Just want to point out before I go any further…those flamingoes are my actual lawn ornaments, in front of my Floridian home, haha!

KBShimmer‘s latest collection, Seas the Day, is full of seven beautiful “sun-bleached” crème polishes in tropical colors, and three multichrome, flakie toppers!

The combination of the topper and the pastels are dynamic, but it’s the cremes that stand out for me in this collection – they are amazing for water marbling and other nail art!

Let’s dive in…

Pink Or Swim

Pink or Swim is described as a bright, not-quite-neon pink crème. On my computer screen, the neon doesn’t pop here the way it does in that first top photo of this collection. Shown here in two coats, under Ott lamp lighting!

Guava Nice Day

Guava Nice Day is a faded neon coral creme. This is another one that my pictures just don’t do justice, it’s got so much more of a neon look to it than I’ve captured.

Papaya Don’t Preach

Papaya Don’t Preach, an orange crème, is inspired by the juicy bright orange flesh of the papaya. My picture doesn’t do this vivid color justice! This is two coats. Excuse the air bubbles caused by top coat! Ott lamp lighting.

Sand By Me

Sand By Me is a lemon yellow creme with a hint of neon. This brilliant yellow glows! Again, I feel like my pic doesn’t do the brilliancy of this justice. Shown in two coats, and top coat (which I’m glad I ran out of, because it creates horrible bubbles, apparently!). Shown in the sunshine.

Lime All Right

Lime All Right is a pale green cream with a brightness that makes it work on any skin tone, according to the brand. I used two coats here, and man, this one is an awesome pop of color! No top coat here. Ott lamp lighting.

Harbor A Crush

Harbor A Crush is described as a soft blue creme inspired by ocean blue waters. It’s beautiful and more like a creamy, baby blue pool blue to me! Shown here in two coats, no top coat. Ott lamp lighting.

Bored Shorts

Bored Shorts is described as a faded orchid purple that leans pink. This was the first one I wore! It’s a beautiful pop of color! Shown here in two coats with top coat! Shown in the sunshine.

Nauti Girl

Nauti Girl is described as a multichrome flake polish that shifts from a daring fuchsia to leaf green with shades of orange and gold. I used it over Guava Nice Day. First photo is one coat and the second is one, two and three coats across the three nails. This one is gorgeous and as the coats thicken it gets more foily. I know some sponge these flakies on for a denser appearance.

Party Like a Guac Star

Party Like a Guac Star is described as Like an avocado, bright shades of green, lime, soft pink and gold accent this flakie polish. First photo is one coat over all nails with a base of Lime All Right. The second photo is left to right – one coat, two coats and three coats.

Off Tropic

Off Tropic mimics that rainbow of hues with multichrome flakes that shift with every change of viewing angle, according to the brand! This is my favorite! I topped it over Harbor a Crush! Just one coat in the first and one, two and three coats across the nails in the second shot! This was my favorite, it’s versatile and such a true, interesting foily rainbow!

Seas the Day launched this past Friday, June 14th, 2019 and all shades retail for $10 each. I apologize for publishing my review a couple days late, I had this collection in plenty of time to make it in time for the release but there were a few things that happened outside of my control and blogging was the absolute last in my to-do list, but I’m getting back into the groove again!


I couldn’t resist some nail art with these pretties:

I used Pink Or Swim, Guava Nice Day, Lime All Right, Harbor a Crush and Sand By Me. All I did was brush each of the five colors on my nail randomly, then go back and give those streaks a second coat. It is a random mani, super easy, and provides a neat effect! Topped with top coat and pics are in natural lighting and sunshine!

Also, my toddler decided she wanted all the shades from the collection on her nails, so we did skittles on her toes and fingers!

Here she is letting it all dry!

Now here’s some good news: As a bonus, from June 14 to June 20, each order of $50 or more will receive a holo drawstring bag!

Check out this collection here on KBShimmer!

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