Just one more day!

My kids go back to school tomorrow morning!! I can’t believe the summer is over already, it never lasts long enough. I am seriously jealous of folks that live in warmer climates, our winters are terribly cold and the start of school means it is that much closer. Sure, we probably won’t have any lasting snow for a couple months yet but it’s coming. I always feel so upset at this time of year when I think back on the things I had planned to do over the summer that didn’t happen. The warm weather seems to fly by so fast, we keep thinking we can put it off another day or do it next weekend and before we know it – it’s too late!

My son changed so much over the last two months! We went into summer with a little boy, and are coming out with a pre-teen! He is just about 11, I honestly thought it was too early but he hung around with his friend (who is a year older) for the majority of the summer and seems to have picked up some habits from him. His friend had to leave because he moved out of the city and was only staying here with his Grandmother until he had to go back home for school, so I am curious to see if my sons new habits disappear and if I will get my Mama’s boy back for a while.

I hope I am able to wake up to get the kids off to school in time. I was working on sleep routines and everything went down the drain over the summer. None of the kids are back to their school schedule and the baby has basically switched her nights and days…she will stay up all night! I haven’t got new shoes for any of the kids yet either! Typical of me -I don’t wait until last minute- I wait until it’s late!

Need to do laundry today too, not sure if I will make it to the store or not. It isn’t like they don’t have shoes that they can wear, but they need a pair of shoes to leave at the school. Instead of an actual supply list, their school just asks for a certain dollar amount per child so that every child has the same supplies. It makes it a little easier to not have to shop around for that stuff, but also pricier. I bought a lot of the stuff from their list previous years on sale or even at the dollar store and was able to save quite a bit but you don’t get that option when you are just giving a cheque to the school.

I have a review of one of my favorite Etsy sellers handmade clothes which I won coming up tomorrow along with a great giveaway to celebrate the first day of school. I’m a little behind and wasn’t planning to take the last few days “off” so hoping with the kids gone at school it will be easier to catch up and stay that way. They will still be coming home at lunch, but thats only for half an hour so three out of four kids will be gone for most of the day! I can pay and have them stay at lunch, but if I am home I figure I can use that money for something more necessary.