July 14 2017 – In My Garden – High Tunnel Gardening in Maine

 July 14 2017 – In My Garden

I missed this last week! I was at camp, watching the loon chicks grow and writing. A lot of writing. And a lot of cleaning out, a spring cleaning that hasn’t been done at camp in quite some time. It’s now July 14 2017 and wow! The high tunnel beds went nuts while I was gone. I can’t believe how much everything grew. It’s doing a lot better in this new soil than I imagined. What I expected was dismal failure while I worked to improve the soil. What I’m getting is a million times better. We’re eating zucchini, summer squash, free range onions and lettuce (went to seed and grew on their own), oregano, sage and basil…I think that’s it. I’ve done some major work bring weeds into submission.

This week I’m concentrating on vegetables and herbs because there are many photos and little time. I plan to share flower and wild food photos next week. And speaking of next week, I’ll be away again. I’m going to a writing retreat in the Adirondacks. This is my fourth trip. I’ll have something auto post next Friday, maybe the flowers? We’ll see what I get done between now and when I leave.

High Tunnel Vegetables

Look! Look at the growth for mid-July – it’s only July 14 – in a garden that got a late start. I’m thrilled! That’s broom corn in the back, tomatoes on the left, Ministro cucumbers (you really should try these if you aren’t already growing them), peppers on the left. Between the front row and corn, a row of Red Robin beets and Swiss chard. Look on the ground to the left for the cardboard I’m using in weed control.

Broom Corn, Ministro Cucumbers, Bell Peppers, Swiss Chard, Red Robin Beets, high tunnel, raised bed, growing cucumbers verticallyDon’t forget to leave a link to your gardening post in your blog so we can visit!

A close up of the  beets.Do you remember the French Mascott beans? Look how well they’re doing. I do wish I’d spread them out a little better but being a variety great for container growing, I think they’ll be just fine.

I cut this sage and have it in the dehydrator. Steve came home last evening and asked “What’s drying? It smells good.” I’d taken oregano out an hour earlier and put basil and sage in. Yes, that a wheelbarrow tire on the left. I have two wheelbarrows in the tunnel. This one (for future reference, it’s blue) is my weedbarrow. The red one is used to haul mulch, more items than I can carry in one trip, and anything heavy in.


Do you see the tiny basil seedlings to the right? Not the weeds…they’re above the weeds.The larger basil plants were spindly after being stressed by tranplanting a day before we had 95° days. I’ve been as hard as the basil as the pumpkin vine…

Galeux D’ eysines Pumpkin

Below, poor poor sad Galeux. I’m afraid I was awfully hard on this Galeux pumpkin plant yesterday. It’s growing in a compost pile so it’s growing fast, and I missed a vine. By the time I found it yesterday it was too long for me to prune off. I should have done it but I couldn’t. I pruned the rest of the new vines to keep the plant in control and growing up the twine and then across the twine to the right. The pumpkins I’ll allow to grow will grow closer to the ground. More about this later. Galeux wilted and sulked after I hacked away, hauled the vine up and tied it into place. This morning it looks fine and dandy. It’s ten feet tall  on July 14 2017. Any guesses on how long it will be in early October?

Oops! One More Veggie

This Gentry crookneck squash came out of the garden and into the fry pan with a zucchini, onion, chives, basil, oregano and thyme. It was the first of the year, such a treat.