JESSICA Coral Symphony Spring Collection

Disclosure: Press samples. See bottom.

I am SO ready for spring to be in full bloom! Here in South Jersey we’ve gotten SLAMMED this winter with snow storms. In fact, Sunday night we had snow showers after a couple days of a spring tease, temps in the 50s and 60s, that melted the tons of snow we already had on the ground. And today and tomorrow we’re expecting snow showers and light snow.

Needless to say, the JESSICA Coral Symphony collection is a reminder that warmer days are bound to come again.

Coral Symphony is described by the brand as a celebration of a magical underwater world of seashells, starfish and ocean flowers. The brand is also introducing a new “stretch” formula for this nail polish collection.

“We are thrilled to introduce our powerful new stretch formula to our clients,” Jessica Vartoughian, founder and CEO of JESSICA Cosmetics International, said in a press release. The polishes in the Coral Symphony collection apply easily, without streaks or lines, then stretches while drying. The brand says this reduces chipping and results in “incredible coverage and intense, enduring color.”

Let’s check out swatches, and I’ll share my thoughts on the new formula after!

Conch Shell

Conch Shell is a soft pink “reminiscent of the interior of a shell,” according to JESSICA. This is the first one I wore and you can see it here in two coats. I only have one photo because this color freaked out my camera. The way it looks in the bottle is how it looked on my fingers. Gorgeous and Barbie-like.

Ocean Bloom

Ocean Bloom is a “lavender-infused pink like a sea flower,” according to the brand. It’s pretty great for my fair skin tone. Shown here in two coats.

Starfish Glow

Starfish Glow is described as a “startling pink, glowing from within,” by the brand. This pink is peppy and bright. Shown here in two coats.

Tropical Sunset

Tropical Sunset is described as a “picture-perfect evening gazing at the horizon,” by the brand, or a bright coral. Shown here in two coats, this is one of my favorites. So hot for spring!

Monsoon Melon

Monsoon Melon is described as “delicious island-fueled memories,” by the brand, but in color terms it’s a pretty canteloupe hue. Shown here in two coats.


Sharktooth is described as “a pure, pure white,” by the brand, and that’s true. Beautiful, and opaque. Shown here in two coats. I do love how white looks on my nails.

Overall, I don’t think the colors in this collection are very unique, but with so many companies making so many nail polishes…we have to look at more than just the color. My favorite hues are Tropical Sunset, Monsoon Melon, Sharktooth and Starfish Glow.

Coral and white are going to be hot this spring for nails, and JESSICA delivers both.

As far as formula, these polishes do live up to the brand proposition of “incredible coverage and intense, enduring color.” The polish also does apply evenly with no lines and looks perfect. The polish is not too thick, but it seems to be slightly thick.

I honestly did not wear test this formula, and I plan to do that for you. I wore Conch Shell for a day or two and did not notice any extensive wear but I didn’t wear it to take notes. I’ll get back to you on the wear – check my Instagram (follow on the right sidebar), I’ll do a picture a day with an update!

These polishes are available on, and at salons and spas internationally. I’d buy the ones that I mentioned as my favorites!

Which ones jump out at you? Are you into corals and pinks for spring this year? And what do you think about the white polish trend? Are you on board?!

Disclaimer: The JESSICA Coral Symphony collection was provided to me for review by the PR/Manufacturer. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how keeps it real!