Jessica 18K Gold Leaf Top Coat

Holy cow. Apparently, all that glitters is gold this holiday season; add Jessica to the growing list of companies coming out with a real gold flake top coat right now!

Jessica’s Gold Leaf, an 18K Gold Top Coat, is real, 18K gold flakes suspended in a fast-drying clear base.

I’m really on the fence with this whole real-gold-in-a-bottle craze. I have to be honest. It seems like a lot of money to spend on a bottle of top coat, when I’m just as happy with flakies and shredded glitter over base colors.

But this was my first bottle of gold flakes, and I’m a polish fiend, so I was excited to give it a shot. I tried it out over three other Jessica polishes.

Gold Leaf over Jessica Crimson Tattoo:

I love the luxe look of Gold Leaf over Crimson Tattoo. This vampy polish was the first one I grabbed for when doing these swatches. I like this top coat best over a dark, fall and winter polish. This was two coats of Gold Leaf over two coats of Crimson Tattoo.

Gold Leaf over Jessica Desire:

Again, this is two coats of Gold Leaf over the base, Jessica Desire. I like this combo as well.

Gold Leaf over Jessica Lime Cooler:

I put Gold Leaf over Lime Cooler to see what it’d look like over a more summery polish, and I was surprised that I liked it as much as I did over Crimson Tattoo and Desire. However, I still like this best over a vamp!

Overall? Did Jessica’s Gold Leaf help make up my mind? Unfortunately, no. I’m still on the fence about gold top coats.

Just a tip with application – I found that you need to let your base color dry a little bit before you start coating on Gold Leaf, or it gloops on your nail with your base color. I also had to let coats dry in between when using Gold Leaf, or it would again goop.

My big complaint about Gold Leaf? I was disappointed that there weren’t more gold flakes in each coat. This clear base is not “packed” with flakes, like I would prefer for a special top coat polish. Especially one that retails for $29.95 (you can find it on the Jessica website here). Because of that, I felt like I was pecking and hunting in the bottle to get a good amount of differently-sized flakes on my nails, which contributed to putting more of the clear base on my nails to get more of the gold flakes on there, which was just goopy and frustrating.

Other than this, I like the look of Gold Leaf. I think it’s sophisticated and pretty. Before I got this bottle, I had pre-ordered the Zoya Gilty Pleasures box. My box was delivered after receiving Gold Leaf, so I will have to swatch it and see what I think about that. But there’s one thing I know. I don’t need anymore of these gold flake top coats. It’s a craze for which I’m not all-in right now. But you will definitely find me wearing these and getting the money’s worth out of them!

What do you think of Gold Leaf? What about gold top coats in general? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Disclaimer: I received the Jessica Gold Leaf 18K Topcoat from the PR/Manufacturer for review. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how keeps it real!