Jesse’s Girl JulieG Frosted Gum Drops

Disclaimer: Products purchased by me

I’m definitely into the texture craze. I was worried that not wearing a top coat meant texture polishes would chip quicker and weaken my nails (top coat always makes ‘em tougher!). But that’s not the case. These polishes dry to a tough finish, but they also dry tough, period.

One of my favorite texture polish collections? Jesse’s Girl JulieG Frosted Gum Drops, for sure.

Because these were limited edition, and they sold out online, the Frosted Gum Drops are (as of) right now only going to be available at Rite Aid stores. They started shipping two or three weeks ago to stores, so they should start popping up any day if not already!

Check ‘em out!

Tangerine Dream:

Tangerine Dream is a beautiful, sunny orange texture with golden shimmer. Such a perfect spring pick-me-up and will definitely take me into summer.

Sugar Rush:

Sugar Rush is a gorgeous red orange with beautiful shimmer! This polish freaked out my camera. It kept whiting out the image, it was so vibrant. You can see what I mean in that first photo a bit!

Hot Cinnamon:

Hot Cinnamon is a beautiful red texture with shimmer. Here’s some nail art I did with Tangerine Dream, Sugar Rush and Hot Cinnamon:

Excuse my nubbins. I had a couple breaks recently (and not while wearing texture LOL!)

Blueberry Fizz:

Blueberry Fizz is my favorite of the collection – no surprise! It’s blue! This is a gorgeous light dusty blue with round silver glitter. Stunning in the sun!!!

Rock Candy:

Rock Candy is a light green, almost light teal! It’s got the same silver glitter that Blueberry Fizz has. I used Rock Candy with Blueberry Fizz for my first mani after getting the collection:

Quite possibly my favorite March mani right there!!!

Crushed Candy:

Crushed Candy also has the round silver glitter, and is soooo pretty!!! I think Crushed Candy, Rock Candy and Blueberry Fizz are my favs from this collection.

Overall, I love this collection. The Frosted Gum Drops were easy to apply, looked great, and held up well (for me…I think the longest I had them on was two days at a time). They were all two-coaters.They don’t dry as quickly as polish with a fast-dry top coat, but it isn’t too much longer. I never timed it, actually, but I know that I never messed up a nail.

These retail for $3.99 – that’s so cheap! The only downside with this collection? The limited availability.

So, what do you think of Frosted Gum Drops?! Did you order them online when they were available? Are you stalking Rite Aid if you live near one? Are you having a friend near a Rite Aid buy you a set and mail them off to you?! I want to hear your Frosted Gum Drop stories! I love these puppies!

Disclaimer: I purchased the Frosted Gum Drops in this review. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how keeps it real!