January 1 2018 – Sappy New Year!

Sappy New Year!

So…It’s not really a secret that I can be a big sap but I don’t show that very often. It’s usually about kids or animals that my sap starts showing. I’m going to be a bit sappy for a minute. January 1 2018 – a fresh start. I’ve thought a lot in the past six months about the people, things, opportunities and such that I’m grateful to have in my life. You’re all included in the list. It means a lot to me that when the blog slowed down to the point of not having anything but a recipe for weeks at a time, you were still here. Still reading, still commenting, stilling hanging in here, patiently waiting for me to come up with a few words. Thank you. Sincerely, thank you. I appreciate it more than I know how to say.

Moon rising over the back of the food plot. There is a big natural spring back there. This is on the way to the bear bait station.

january 1 2018, moonrise, barn

New Year’s Morning

Steve spotted a doe with a fawn in the food plot a little after 8 am. A second fawn appeared soon after. They nibbled at the fallen cedar tree, slim pickings for the little bit that’s still coated in ice. They dug through the snow in search of food and then the fawns got frisky. One turned and raced away, flag in the air, all the way across the food plot, out of sight, back into sight closer to the hen house, and back out of sight. The doe spun on her hooves, kicked up snow, bent herself in half, kicked out her back legs and raced behind her offspring. The second fawn sauntered across the plot to its sibling and promptly whacked it with it’s front hoof. Siblings, right?

The doe spun again, ran to the babes, reared up and air boxed their backsides. It honestly looked like they were getting a spanking without making contact. It was hilarious! She ran into the woods and the reprimanded fawns followed, flags up, bounding out of sight.

Steve took the dogs out, closed the door and stepped off the back porch, and then I spotted a deer in the food plot. I assume the deer circled back. He brought the dogs back into the house and went out to work without them. A half hour later he came back to the house, and a short time after that the buck, antlerless now, walked into the plot from the same direction the family left. He’s unmistakable even without antlers. He’s bigger than the others and much darker. He browsed around the back of the plot for about an hour. Nice way to start the year.


Light color – rye with caraway. Dark is seeded whole wheat and whole wheat.

Taylor was home for the long weekend. I spent a good part of the day baking seeded whole wheat, rye with caraway, whole wheat, and oatmeal bread, most of which she took back with her to share with co-workers. A friend arrived to pick up two of the loaves. It was 4°F outside, Steve’s dealt with a frozen pipe, and the house is cold at times – and then the scent of baking bread fills the house. Warmth from the big oven warmed the entire house. Nice way to start the year.


His momma was nearby. Can you see the pedicle between the eye and ear? It’s a slightly raised bump.

Temperatures have been well below zero for a couple of weeks. The forecast calls for the 20°Fs on Wednesday and Thursday. I’ll take advantage of it by snowshoeing through the woods. I’m excited! The game camera at the bear bait station is still out there (no card) so I’ll get that, and while I’m out there I’ll check in on the dam beavers. We made a short trail through the woods last year. When it warms up to normal temps we’ll extend the trail and make my outdoors exercise more fun.

I hope January 1 2018 was a good start to your year. I was mine!