Jane Iredale PureGloss – New Formula, New Shades

What better way to celebrate the relaunch of your lip gloss line than to craft clever drinks in their likeness and ask beauty bloggers to join the fun?!

A week and a half ago, I went to a drink mixology event at Haven’s Kitchen in NYC with the team from Jane Iredale. The company put on the event to launch their newest mascara, Longest Lash, along with the new formula and new shades of their PureGloss lip gloss collection. Mascara review to come separately; let’s focus on these glosses!

The mixology class featured three drinks, which were created to match the color and names of three of the brand’s new PureGloss shades – Red Currant, Beach Plum and Snow Berry!

Here’s a look at the chef, David, whipping up the drinks and explaining to us all about the ingredients:

And here’s my friend and fellow beauty enthusiast, Melody from Cosmetically Challenged, trying her hand at drink-making:

Check out the finished products!

From left to right: Beach Plum Fizz with Beach Plum PureGloss; Red Currant with Red Currant PureGloss and Snow Berry with Snow Berry PureGloss!

Since these were the star of the show, we were sent home to try these three glosses out!

Here’s what I learned about PureGloss: it’s made with a base of organic oils, including moringa butter, lotus flower wax and orange peel wax. Blackberry and pomegranate extract provide a pleasant flavor/scent, and protect lips with antioxidants, vitamins C and E. There are 18 shades total, including 11 new ones. Here’s a list of the new shades:

  • Snow Berry: frosted silvery pink
  • Pink Smoothie: sheer pale pink
  • Bellini: sheer pale peach
  • Tangerine: sheer coral
  • Nectar: shimmering honey rose
  • Beach Plum: shimmering pink brown
  • Spice: sheer chocolate rum
  • Sangria: shimmering wood rose
  • Red Currant: shimmering red rose
  • Crabapple: sheer brick red
  • Black Cherry: sheer deep plum

Here’s the relaunching shades:

  • Soft Peach: frosted pink beige
  • Iced Mocha: frosted bronze pink
  • Raspberry: sheer rosy brown
  • Pink Candy: frosted bubblegum pink
  • Candied Rose: frosted berry rose
  • Sugar Plum: shimmering hot pink
  • Cosmo: shimmering true berry

How about some swatches of the cocktail-inspiring shades?! Here they are on the back of my hand:

Left to right: Red Currant, Beach Plum and Snow Berry.

Here’s the doe-foot applicator:

Snow Berry:

In natural light:Snow Berry is a frosted silvery pink gloss.

Also, I didn’t try the Snow Berry drink, because I knew I would love it! I’m not supposed to drink alcohol on Medifast, so I only wanted to try one or a couple sips of a drinks that were more foreign to me.

Red Currant:

Red Currant is a sheer red with lots of red, pink and silver shimmer.

This drink was super strong! I drank about a quarter of it and had to give up. It tasted very much near a Manhattan.

Beach Plum:

Beach Plum is a shimmery pink brown that’s more pigmented than the other two.

THIS drink was amaze-balls! It had seltzer water and Beach Plum liquor. Did you know the Beach Plum is indigenous to NY? I didn’t either!

When I wore these lip glosses, I applied them in the morning around 7:30 a.m. and wore them through til lunch. The gloss and color lasted quite a while, until around 11 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. That’s pretty good for a gloss.

Right now the bright, bold lip is a hot trend, but don’t be afraid to mix it up with a soft, gloss look. It felt refreshing to me to wear these glosses over the week, paired with simple foundation and mascara, vs. the strong statement of a bright red or pink lip. There’s a place for both looks.

Also, I noticed that these were not tacky, thank goodness. They weren’t slippery, either. They were a nice, in-between consistency that clung enough to my lips to hold on, but wouldn’t seal my lips if I smacked them together LOL.

These will be available soon, in spring, for $24 at Jane Iredale’s website, and at select skin care specialists and beauty apothecaries worldwide. The price is in-line with the brand, but the relaunched formula and packaging has driven the price up $4 (they were previously $20, but the packaging is more appealing. I can’t comment about the new product vs. old product formula because I haven’t tried the original).

I’d say this is a splurge purchase. And if you love lip gloss, I say go for it. It’s a treat, it’s not a staple or a must-have; $24 for a gloss can be expensive in today’s world of recessionista beauty! The key reasons why I’d spring for this?

  • Staying power
  • Not tacky
  • Smells SO good

The reasons I wouldn’t?

But seriously, if you haven’t tried Jane Iredale, I’ve had really great experiences so far and the brand is worth a look. More to come on their mascaras.

So tell me, which drink would you want to try!? Which lip gloss from the overall line do you find yourself most drawn to?!

Disclaimer: The Jane Iredale PureGlosses reviewed in this post were provided to me for review by the PR Firm/Manufacturer. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how BeautyJudy.com keeps it real!