Jane Iredale Naturally Nourishing Mascaras

Jane Iredale launched a new mascara called Longest Lash Thickening & Lengthening Mascara at the Lashes n’ Lips mixology event I went to a couple weeks ago (see my post here for more pics and info, and a review on their new glosses!)

One of the Iredale women working the event said this was like “Beyonce lashes!” and for some reason, that has stuck with me! So while I went home with the brand’s three mascaras and a lash conditioner to try, Longest Lash was obviously the one I was most excited about. But I’m also going to share swatches and thoughts on the others in this post, too.

Before we go any further, for a baseline, here’s my naked lashes! The skin around my eyes is very sensitive, and my lashes are light:

Good lord, you can see my contact! Phew. OK. Onto the mascaras!

Longest Lash Thickening & Lengthening Mascara

What Jane Iredale says about Longest Lash Thickening and Lengthening Mascara:

  • Well-defined, longer-looking lashes with buildable volume
  • Triple-length cellulose fibers add extra length and thickness
  • Wand is long stem, ultra-full head with carefully separated bristles
  • Contains 50% more product than most mascaras
  • Formulated with a blend of seaweed lipids to condition, moisturize and protect lashes (and reduce splitting and breaking)
  • Retails for $33, you get .42 oz of mascara.

Here it is in Black Ice:

If you look at my baseline eye, and then at this, you will see that indeed, my lashes look fuller and longer.

Also, no raccoon eyes here!

I absolutely LOVE this mascara. In fact, I lost it. I searched ALL OVER MY HOUSE for this mascara and could not find it. I was so frustrated. I searched my car. Nothing That was last week.

Finally, Saturday night, as I was prepping and editing my photos for this post, I decided I HAD to find it. I had to give my car one more thorough look. I found a nickel under my driver’s side seat, three water bottles and an iced tea bottle under my passenger seat, and when I really dug around in my trunk, THERE IT WAS! It had rolled all the way to the back of the trunk, behind EVERYTHING! But I FOUND IT!!! Oh my gosh, I was so excited. I came back in the house and Mike was like, “either you found the mascara, or you’re crazy, because that is one wide smile.”

Anyway. I know you’re only supposed to wear mascara for 3 months, and you do not need to spend $33 on a mascara, but I can tell you that when I can afford the splurge in the next eight months of wedding planning, I’m buying this mascara.

PureLash Lash Extender and Conditioner

What Jane Iredale says about PureLash Lash Extender & Conditioner:

  • Algae extract conditions and protects lashes
  • You will need to apply less mascara
  • Stops lashes from drying out and splitting
  • Allows lashes to grow to their fullest potential
  • May even encourage extra growth
  • Retails for $16.50 for .3 oz.

I used the Lash Conditioner & Extender before using Longest Lash and as far as conditioners go, I was pleased. I previously purchased Smashbox’s Lash Primer, which is $18. And I feel like I get a similar effect.

I would buy this lash conditioner.

PureLash Mascara

What Jane Iredale says about PureLash Mascara:

  • A touch of color to your lashes
  • Mild, water-resistant formula was the brand’s first mascara developed for sensitive eyes
  • Seaweed liposomes and panthenol keep the formula moist and nourish lashes
  • Algae extract protects lashes to reduce splitting and breakage
  • Wand provides even application and separation of lashes for definition that won’t smear, flake or smudge
  • Retails for $16 for .25 oz.

I have to say, PureLash Mascara, shown here in Black Onyx, is my second favorite of the Iredale mascaras.

Another with no raccoon eyes.

I would recommend this mascara in a heartbeat to the beauty lover that buys department store mascara – it’s definitely comparable to other popular brands in price, and I really liked its staying power and ease of application.

PureLash Lengthening Mascara

(Can you see the fibers on that brush?!)

What Jane Iredale says about PureLash Lengthening Mascara:

  • Triple-length cellulose fibers lengthen each lash for a flirty, wide-eye appearance
  • Contains Dex-Panthenol in liposome form to condition lashes
  • Seaweed lipids and wheat proteins condition and curl lashes
  • Soft hollow fiber brush provides even application and separation of lashes
  • Retails for $18 for .25 oz.

This mascara was another win in the “no raccoon eyes” department, but it wasn’t my favorite. I felt like it clumped my lashes together a bit, whereas the other two mascaras were easier to achieve volume by definition.

I didn’t try this with the Lash Conditioner under it, but for now, I would pass on this mascara.

Overall, I’m impressed with Jane Iredale’s mascaras, and I’m really happy in my discovery of the brand in general.

Jane Iredale is offered through fine spas and salons, resorts, apothecaries and medical offices in more than 40 countries, and can be bought online at shop.janeiredale.com, or at a bunch of other online retailers (Nordstrom, for one). You can also visit the brand’s main website here to find a location near you that sells the line.

So what do you think of these mascaras? Which one looks like it would suit your lash needs? And what’s the most YOU’VE ever spent on a mascara?!

Disclaimer: The Jane Iredale Mascaras and Lash Conditioner & Extender in this post were provided to me for review by the PR Firm/Manufacturer. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how BeautyJudy.com keeps it real!