Is Pai Skincare Cruelty Free & Vegan in 2021?

Pai is a UK based cruelty free and vegan skincare brand that claims to ‘take back control’ of your skin. Pai is designed to be truly hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin, designed to nourish skin without irritating it. Pai’s vegan and cruelty free skincare line is made with a minimum of 98% natural ingredients.

“Every Pai product is formulated and manufactured in our London HQ. Our organic ingredients are the jewel in our crown and we don’t trust anyone else to touch them.”

In the UK, Pai is available in selected John Lewis stores and other small retailers. Unfortunately Pai isn’t yet widely available in most high street retailers, but you can shop online on their website, Cult Beauty and many more online stores.

Is Pai a Cruelty Free brand?

Yes, Pai skincare is a cruelty free brand. Pai skincare are independently certified by the Soil Association and Cruelty Free International.

Now, as we know, Cruelty Free International’s cruelty free certification is the most sure-fire way to know that a brand is cruelty free. As Pai are also certified COSMOS Natural by the soil association, there’s an extra layer of security, because the COSMOS Natural certification also requires brands to not test on animals.

Pai state on their website:

– We do not test our products on animals.

– We do not source ingredients that are tested on animals.

– We do not sell to physical stores in mainland China or any other country that requires animal testing as a condition of importing.


Are Pai Skincare Products Vegan?

Yes, all Pai Skincare products are totally vegan. In fact, all of their products are certified by The Vegan Society. Pai helpfully state on their website:

“To carry this kitemark, our products are individually assessed each year for the potential inclusion of animal ingredients, including those not present in the final product.”

This is an incredibly reassuring statement, because a vegan ingredients list doesn’t always mean a product has been made with completely vegan processes. For the most part, we have to rely on brands’ honesty (and unwillingness to be caught lying!) to purchase vegan products. Pai has gone the extra mile and been accredited by The Vegan Society for additional peace of mind.

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Are Pai a Sustainable Brand?

Pai have a number of things that make them a more sustainable brand. Their Soil Association COSMOS Natural certificate certifies that:

  • their products are 98% natural
  • they don’t use GM plants or endangered species
  • they don’t use phthalates, parabens or synthetic colours, dyes or fragrances

Many of their products also contain the Soil Association’s COSMOS Organic certification, which requires that:

  • 100% of ingredients are natural and at least 70% are organic (in this case, organic means: non-GM, sustainably grown (without pesticides) and harvested, and extracted without the use of chemical solvents
  • any non-organic ingredients pass strict toxicity and biodegradability criteria and carry a non-GM certificate

Of course, all of their products being cruelty free and vegan contribute to their sustainability too. It’s great to see that Pai are using such great ingredients, but it would be even better to see them using sustainable packaging in the future!

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