iOS 7 Features – The Best Buy With Mike

The time has finally arrived in which all of us non-developers get our hands on iOS 7. This new version of iOS 7 features a break from the mold of Apple’s ultra detailed programs. Johnny Ive, the designer of apples products, took over Scott Forstall’s job of designing the iOS. His new role at Apple has gotten off to a great start with iOS 7. This new iOS so different from the past is actually more familiar in many ways. Let me spend the rest of our time pointing out three new features that i believe set iOS 7 apart.

iOS 7

Simplicity in the new programs, as seen here with the music application.


Ok this isn’t much of a feature but it is the one word that describes iOS 7. Apple’s popularity has always been built on their devices being simple and easy for anyone to just pick up and use with ease. iOS 7 has taken that rule and made it their foundation. Everything on iOS was redesigned to be flat and lack extra detail. Every single app that has been redesigned just flows with the system so well. My iPads version is very clean and actually takes advantage of less clutter to run faster.

iOS 7

The new multitasking screen.


Finally apple has figured out their true multitasking ability. John Ive not only wanted a clean system but a more usable system. By taking out a lot of the frills he quickly focused on making multitasking easier. The new look as seen above is exactly what everybody has been waiting for. The ability to get a live picture of the pages previously opened just makes it easier to scroll through multiple apps. This in my opinion was more for the iPads because the bigger screen allows a better view and quicker searching.


AirDrop works with or without wifi depending on the situation.


I’m starting to fall in love with this new feature. The ability to share photos, places on maps, notes, websites, and contacts is something NFC for Androids has always done. But airdrop makes it easier, quicker, and mass shareable by using a simple technology already in their devices: Bluetooth. Now you can’t send places and websites without a Internet connection but everything else can be done just by the use of Bluetooth. It’s an ingenious feature that doesn’t require the physical bumping of products but can open up a whole room to being shared.


It’s finally here!


Apple has finally redone Siri in the right way and allowed her and him to finally flow and sound more like a realistic human. It’s searching ability is a lot like Google’s version but Siri is starting to find things quicker and isn’t limited much either.

As iOS 7 starts to sink into different applications Apple could once again change the market and create a whole new future of devices. Simplicity that becomes integrated in our everyday lives. Maybe this will lead into that new iWatch everybody’s speculating about. We shall see.