Internships… My Interview with Chris Jeub

I first met Chris Jeub in the fall of 2009.  He is the President of Training Minds Ministries.  ”The goal of Training Minds is to provide “training grounds” for youth to effectively train their minds for action, particularly in the areas of debate, speech, logic and reasoning, to grow into confident individuals who see value in engaging the culture for common good.”  I attended one of the debate camps sponsored by Training Minds.  And just to clarify…I was an unwilling participant who had to go because my brother was a very successful debater.  However, as I have gotten older I have a new appreciation for the skill of competitive speaking and debate.  The camp turned out to be fun, except when I had to debate for the very first time…that was when I thought I was gonna…well, you know…

I asked Mr. Jeub if I could interview him because of his experience working with teenagers and the insight that he can offer those of us who may be looking for an internship or part time job.

Chris Jeub

Chris Jeub

Me:  Please tell me a little bit about yourself, your family and your businesses…

Mr. Jeub:  I have been an advocate for speech and debate since I discovered it as a young teacher in the 1990′s.  I began writing curriculum for competitors and coaches as I transitioned into a journalism career.  In 2004, I quit my job and went full time into publishing curriculum and running camps for speakers and debaters.  (Academic speech and debate is a competitive environment where a young person prepares and delivers speeches and debates for judges at tournaments.)

Me:  Can you elaborate on how long and in what capacity you have had experience working with teenagers as employees or interns?

Mr. Jeub:  I started out as a public school teacher after graduating with an English degree in 1993. I love teenagers. They’re full of life and enthusiasm—and just enough craziness to try something daring and bold. I love that!

Me:  What specifics do you look for in a teenager who applies for a job/internship with you?

Mr. Jeub:  I first look for a record of excellence. I find that rather easy because they come from a competitive field, so they naturally have a record of achievements  I then look at their leadership ambitions outside of competition. I love to bring on kids who spent their senior year coaching their club rather than soaking every last bit of competition out of their experience. I then defer to the student’s reputation, character and entrepreneurial outlook on life.

Me:  What can a young person do to make their application stand out from the crowd?  Do you look for specifics on an application and/or in an interview?

Mr. Jeub:  Applying for a position isn’t what I like to see. Isn’t that strange? I like to see students who bring ideas to the table. “I’ve got an idea that would be a perfect product for your company…” is a great comment. I turn up my ears.

Chris Jeub and Interns

Me:  What common mistakes do teenagers make as employees/interns?  What is your advice for avoiding those mistakes for the average young person?

Mr. Jeub:  This mistake takes the cake: young people make the mistake of thinking their boss/company/manager has everything figured out. It’s seldom (ever?) the case. Adaptable interns are invaluable, and they contribute to the company to help make it better.

Me:  What is the best single piece of advice that you can offer to a young person looking for a part time job or an internship?

Mr. Jeub:  Go for it. Don’t hold back. If this internship is what will help build your professional career, make sure you get it.

Jeub Pic 2

Camp really is fun!

Me:  What opportunities does Training Minds/Monument Publishing offer it’s part time employees/interns?  Why should a teenager pursue an internship opportunity?

Mr. Jeub:  We have brand managers who are in position now ready to pull together product packages for speakers and debaters. The best time of the year to approach me is Nov/Dec. It is then that I am in my planning phase and getting ready for the following year. This surprises young people sometimes, but that’s the truth. By the time we have gone to market, we’re nearly a year into the planning.

Me:  What long term opportunities does your company/ministry offer and why should a young person consider a position with an organization like yours?

Mr. Jeub:  I’m changing my company to resemble more of a platform builder than a company. Employees are out of my future. I will continue to contract writers and coaches, but positions aren’t going to be offered. To tell you the truth, this is the trend of small businesses.

The Jeub Family

The Jeub Family

Me:  Thank you so much for answering my questions!

When I asked about the common mistakes that teens make, Mr. Jeub’s response surprised me but now that I have had time to think it through it makes perfect sense.  I do fall into the trap of thinking that most adults – at least most successful business owners – do have it all together.  This interview has been a real help to me and I hope it will be to you as well!  If you are interested in finding out more about Training Minds Ministries, Speech and Debate, or the Jeub Family be sure to visit them HERE.

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More about Chris Jeub:

I am author of several books, some academic and some relational. I’m self-employed and owner of a publishing company. I have 16 children and love my family life in the small Colorado town of Monument.

My unique family and work environment bring about adventures that will most likely encourage you in your life. I enjoy self-employment, business development, relationships, family life, hunting, lifting weights, philosophy, and (of course) academic speech and debate.