International Beauty Show (IBS) New York City 2022

Last Sunday, I attended the International Beauty Show New York City. I would have gotten this round-up post done sooner, but life has gotten a little nuts. I will share that craziness with you when I can.

But for now, I saw lots of fun stuff and learned lots of new things at IBS this year! Let’s get started! I’ll break everything down by brand!

The Gelish booth had spring goodies! Check out the brand’s spring collection, Once Upon a Dream:

And a couple close-ups! Danielle, East Coast Regional Education Manager for Gelish, showed me some of her favorites from the collection! This is Oh What a Knight!:

And All Haile the Queen:

And Fairest of Them All:

I am pretty in love with the Gelish system. I don’t use it all the time but it comes in handy for work trips, and weeks were I need a reliable mani and don’t have time for changes!

The Morgan Taylor booth had rows upon rows of color, with displays for packages and its winter collection, Glam Rock.

I spoke with Taylor, who said the brand’s Casual Cool, 90s-inspired collection is about to his the professional shelves. And when I say professional, I mean, salons and Cosmoprof. If you are a polish fanatic who loves the brand like I do, your best bet is to search on Amazon; as of right now the brand sells to salons, and some salons will sell the polish, but it is not widely available for consumers.

Taylor also told me about the brand’s upcoming SUMMER collection, Island Treasures, which has “fun, bright” colors that are glowing and sultry. One of the names? Sarong But So Right. HA! I can’t wait to see the promos for this collection!

By now maybe you’ve heard that CND has created a nail polish for the inbetween customer; the person that wants a mani to last a week, but doesn’t want to commit to Shellac, and doesn’t have time to paint often. It’s called Vinylux.

Vinylux is a two-part system, polish and a top coat. You don’t need a base coat, because as educator Michele told me, the color “suction cups to the nail.” She said there’s a ProLight technology in the top coat that builds a shield to protect the nail from chipping. Exposure to natural light secures the technology, according to the website.

I’ve purchased Vinylux at my local beauty shop.

CND has also launched Additives, which are pigments that can be used in a Shellac mani, a gel/sculpted mani or even Vinylux.

Check out some of the sample manis, some including additives!


I have thought of Manic Panic as THE go-to brand for bold hair color for years. But I’m starting to think of them as a go-to for bold makeup, as well!

Manic Panic was sharing a preview of its new lip gloss line at IBS, vegan Lethal Lips Cross Gloss:

They also had their Lethal Lips Lipstick line, as well:

I picked up three lipsticks and one gloss. I am pretty impressed with the lipsticks so far but I’ll do a separate review post on those later! The other thing that caught my eye? The brand’s recently launched liquid eyeliners – they are beautiful shimmers:

Smart Nails is a line of stencils for nail art. They’re sticker stencils that you put over dry nail polish, paint in the design, and remove the stencil to have a butterfly, paint splat, pet paw, or whatever you choose, left behind!

These are not broadly available yet, although they have been around for nine years and come from Romania, according to one of the women working the booth. They’ve just opened a distribution center in Florida, so keep a look out. Hopefully these will be coming soon, and retail for $1 or $2 a pack!

At the Orly booth, I only had eyes for the new summer collection, Baked. I saw Blush, the spring collection, but it didn’t speak to me. I think I’m neutral-ed out!

Baked is bright and beautiful!

I discovered Kryolan last year when I covered Fashion Week backstage. I met Kelly, a makeup artist with the brand. More than a year later, I ran into Kelly again at IBS, and it was a happy reunion!

Kelly told me about the brand’s latest and greatest lip product – Lip Stain!

I picked up two Lip Stains, one in Jazz and one in Pop.

Kelly also told me about the Kryolan store opening in New York City this spring, on Bleecker Street! I can not WAIT to see this show room! Kelly said it’s not only going to be a ton of makeup, but it’s also going to be about education, and she’s running the store! Stay tuned, I will have more details about the store opening later!

So here’s a hair product with a lofty promise – Use this Quick Dry Shake’n Spray, and cut your drying time IN HALF!

I have a review coming on this, too, I have a small sample, I can’t wait to share results with you!



When I came upon this booth, I was STOKED! I began talking with one of the booth workers and he told me that Masglo is a Colombian nail polish brand that will start distributing in the US. The line has beautiful hues, and treatments. Right now, the line is available via Amazon, with 70 to 80 of the line’s 120 colors available at any time.

The bottles are unique and I was so taken with it all! Here’s the spring collection:


I started picking out polishes to buy, and as I went through the colors, something made me look at the ingredients on one of them. That’s when I discovered it wasn’t a Big-3 Free line.

The nail polish not only has Toulene, it has Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor, which is irritating to my sinuses.

I went ahead and purchased a few polishes, but I’ll be honest, I’m not swatching them anytime soon. With winter weather still on tap here, I’m not applying this nail polish in my house with closed windows and doors!


I took a couple pics that were random, as well. This is Ted Gibson, celebrity/editorial hair stylist who is much sought after, engaging the crowd:

And here’s a mini haul I made at a beauty shop’s booth, Nigel Beauty Emporium…some of the OCC Plastic Passion Lip Tars and a couple new Ben Nye powders!So there ya go! That’s my IBS whirlwind day. I was planning to go back Monday, too, but I was unable to make it. I can’t wait to review some of the items I picked up while there!

Is there anything here that piques your interest?!