Intentional Living: The Right Decision

What an incredible first week of self-employment. I tackled the majority of my small freelance projects for the month, so now I can spend the rest of July working on my two big ones. I took breaks whenever I wanted (and extended ones, at that). I walked our family dogs, saw a few friends during “work hours” and planted a small container garden. I had calls with partners in two of my online ventures and we finally decided on the name for the newest one. (Hint: you’ll be hearing my voice more often.) And I was interviewed by two podcasters, as well as by one of my former editors at LearnVest who now works at Forbes. (I can’t wait to share all of these with you!)

I hate the word “busy”, but my schedule was definitely full this week – and I loved it.

The hustle certainly feels different. It feels strange when you work on something for a few hours, then the whole day passes and you realize you made $0. But then random amounts of money pop-in, and you remember the numbers will work out at the end of the month. The best thing about this week, though, was that I was able to turn my alarm clock off. The dogs still wake me up around 6am most days, and my internal clock usually doesn’t let me sleep past 7am. But it feels so good to crawl into bed at night and not have to worry about what time I have to get up. It’s the ultimate luxury after getting to spend the day working on and doing whatever you want.

When I decided to live a more intentional life, working for myself wasn’t part of the plan – but I’m so glad I took the leap. I know every week won’t be as fulfilling as this one was, but this first week will forever serve as a reminder that I made the right decision. I’m turning 30 on Tuesday, and already feel grateful to have the opportunity to enter this next decade on an entirely new path. I guess that means this is the last weekly update I’ll write in my twenties, eh? I’ll try to make it a good one. 🙂

This week…

The shopping ban didn’t test me at all. I can’t believe there are only 4 days left in this journey. I will likely spend my entire weekend writing the recap for Monday, so make sure to come back for that!

I took care of myself by napping when I needed to. I had a bit of insomnia this week (probably due to all the big changes in my life), so I let myself curl up on the couch a couple times and get 20-40 minutes of extra sleep. This interview on Brooke McAlary’s podcast later served as a reminder that we should absolutely let ourselves nap whenever we need to.

Instead of watching TV, I started reading Essentialism by Greg McKeown. I’m only a few pages into it, but can already tell it’s going to be a great read.

A blog post I loved was Stop Living in Someone Else’s Narrative and Start Creating Your Own by my friend Kali. “You must burn the rule book and create your own correct way of experiencing your life. You must make intentional decisions about how to live a life that you are responsible for creating. And as soon as you’re awake, you need to start.”

The best money I spent was $12.85 on salad stuff for dinner with two of my best friends and my “niece” and “nephew”. My nephew turned 2 last week and has finally started calling me “auntie.” My heart melted.

Finally, I was most grateful for the ability to wake up and have a slow start to each day.

How was your week? 🙂