Intentional Living: A Few Updates


Good morning, friends! (Or afternoon or evening, depending on when you read this.) I have had the most amazing week “off” from the blog, and am so grateful Shannon was able to write a guest post on a moment’s notice so I could take that time for myself. Normally, I can come up with a theme for these updates, based on one life event or situation I’ve found myself in, but so many things are happening right now that I thought I would share a few updates with you instead. 🙂

The Final Declutter

First of all, I have unpacked 5 of the 8 small boxes I moved to Victoria last month and discovered I actually need/want to keep most of their contents. Some of the boxes had larger kitchen items in them, like my slow cooker, which I just haven’t needed yet. I also found that one box was full of.. well, more boxes. Technically, they were the 4 wicker containers that used to sit on my shelves, but I decided to get rid of them (and get rid of the shelves – more on that later). Altogether, so far, I’ve tossed 25 items + sold some furniture for $70… and I still have 3 boxes left to unpack.

After going through those first few boxes, and reading some of the comments about your own decluttering challenges, I made a decision last week: this has to be my last declutter. As good as it can feel to get rid of things, decluttering is also a lot of work and this process has to end at some point! So, as I’m going through these boxes, I’m forcing myself to make long-term decisions about the items, because I want everything I keep to be stuff I use/hold onto for years to come. When the clock strikes midnight on September 1st, I’m officially done – once and for all.

Shopping Ban Community

Last month, when I announced I was going to do the shopping ban for a second year, I was blown away by how many of you said you were going to join me – so blown away that I honestly wasn’t prepared for the requests that came in after. I’ve promised to setup a free community where you can continue the conversations about your own shopping bans and decluttering adventures with one another, and am still committed to that… I’m just trying to research/test out/setup the best option.

So far, I’m seriously looking at Slack, as well as a forum-type tool that could potentially operate like Reddit… but I’m also open to suggestions. If you know of any forum-type tools, specifically, or can even share examples of online communities you love, please comment with suggestions/URLs! Your input is appreciated and could help me build a great new space for us. 🙂

Press / Podcasts / Speaking

Now, for some fun news! Since the end of the first year of my shopping ban, I have also received a lot of press inquiries, and have been invited to chat on a few new podcasts. Earlier this week, my story was published on the CBC website… and the traffic it brought over broke records. (It even beat out the Forbes and Yahoo pieces – go CBC!) After that, I got to spend one full morning this week chatting with a few different CBC radio stations, and recorded two podcasts with online friends.

As much as I enjoy writing, I like talking to people more – and I love recording podcasts. Every one I have done, so far, has been fun… but I think my chat with Brooke McAlary has been my all-time favourite. If you’re interested in minimalism/simple living – or, as Brooke calls it, slow living – you have to check out her podcast. When you listen, you’ll notice she does more than just ask questions; Brooke offers real insight, which is something I’ve appreciated about every episode so far. She titled our chat “Slow Money“, which I love, and I hope you enjoy listening to it. <3

And while we’re on the topic of how much I love talking to people, one of the other questions I’ve been asked a few times in the past month is whether or not I do any public speaking. The answer: I have many times, and I’d love to do more, but I don’t have a plan mapped out yet… again, it goes back to the fact that I just wasn’t prepared for the feedback I’ve gotten this summer! Since I work for myself now, though, I am in a position where I can think about this more and start to put something together. If that’s something you want to talk about, email me and we can start to work out the details. 🙂

Guest Posts

Like I said before, I am so grateful Shannon wrote a guest post and shared some of her thoughts here this week, so I could take a few extra days off… but I also want to thank you for being so welcoming and engaging with her. In the past, I didn’t think I would ever let anyone guest post here. I used to think, this is “my” blog in “my” voice – why would people want to hear from anyone else? But through blogs like Joshua’s, I’ve been able to see how letting other people share personal stories, lessons, and insights adds to the community we are all building.

Over the next few months, you’ll probably see one guest post/month here. As of right now, I’m only asking a few good friends of mine to help me out, while I try to get some other work done, but I may open it up to others in the future. So far, the friends who accepted have pitched ideas that have blown me away. Their passion for all things money/minimalism/mindfulness is contagious, and the vulnerability some are going to bring here will move you. I can’t wait for you to read their words, and I thank you for welcoming them to this space.

End of Summer Giveaway

And finally, I just wanted to give you the heads up that I’ll be hosting a giveaway next week! Three things are sitting on my desk right now, waiting to be packaged up and mailed to one of you. I’ll share more details on Monday.

Now, onto a regular weekly update… 🙂

This week…

The shopping ban was great! No temptations whatsoever. I did, however, pick up a DivaCup (on sale!), after so many of you ladies suggested I make the switch. Fellas, I won’t write a lengthy post about that, but will probably have to give a yay or nay review at some point.

I took care of myself by going on 4 walks/hikes with friends. (Did you see the pic at the top of this post? That’s not Hawaii – that’s here!) I’ve also set my alarm for 5:45am today, so I can head to the gym when it opens at 6am and sneak in a workout before the weekend!

Instead of watching TV, I reread both Making Things Clear (a fantastic guide on meditation) and The War of Art (good read whenever you need a little motivation to get something done), finally started reading Daring Greatly and caught up on my favourite podcasts.

A website I found and love is, which is technically meant to be used when you want to take a 2-20 minute break to meditate (and I use the app for that), but I often switch it to the sound of rain and just listen to that while I work. Please take a break with it today. 🙂

The best money I spent was $20.01 to mail off a small package + two cards to friends.

Finally, I am most grateful for what’s coming this weekend: my best friend Emma’s wedding. We have the rehearsal + a dinner tonight, then the girls are all sleeping at the hotel, so we can wake up and get ready together. It’s going to be beautiful, emotional and oh so fun. (See you soon, babe!)

How was your week? How are your shopping bans and decluttering projects going this month? Tell me everything!