Inspiring Intentional Living


Happy Friday, friends! Or should I say TGIF? I’ll admit, it felt strange to type something other than those four letters at the top of this post, after doing it for so long… but in a good way. Something about “TGIF” itself had started to feel negative. Since it literally means “thank goodness it’s Friday”, the title made me feel like I was counting down for each week to be over, when that couldn’t be further from the truth. Of course, I love weekends as much as the next person. It’s nice to have slower mornings, and more time to write or hike or visit with friends. But I’m not screaming “TGIF!” all day on Friday, in anticipation, because I genuinely like what I do every day.

…and I think that’s because I’m living an intentional life. Or, I’m trying to, anyway.

Over the past few years, I’ve changed almost every aspect of it. I got serious about my finances and paid off all my debt. I then became a better saver and preparer for emergencies. I started eating better and working out. I kissed alcohol goodbye. I asked my boss if I could move across the country and work from home. I purged 56% of my belongings and embraced a minimalist lifestyle. I put myself on a yearlong shopping ban. And now I’ve given up television for 31 days. These have all been intentional decisions, where I’ve stopped to ask myself what I should do in a situation, and chosen to take the route that’ll lead me to the life I want.

I still make mistakes, though. I trip and stumble to stay on this path. I’m tempted to just go back to my old road; the one with familiar scenery, and which I know so well I could probably drive down and around all its bends with my eyes closed. But I want to stay on this new path. I want to see what’s around the next corner. And I can’t wait to see where the final destination will be. So, maybe this new blog post title is just for me. Maybe the more I see it, the more I’ll remember that I want to live an intentional life. I’ll check-in on a few of my challenges, then write about how I’m feeling. And if it inspires you to make even one teeny, tiny change to your life, all the better.


This week…

The shopping ban was the cause of a few internal struggles. After recycling just a few outfits repeatedly for the past six months, I’m starting to feel blah (yes, blah) in my clothing. I keep thinking about buying just one new sweater, but I know that won’t fix anything. And so it goes.

I took care of myself by working out 4 times, doing some yoga, drinking lots of delicious tea and trying to catch up on sleep. I also had my first floatation therapy appointment last weekend, which was… an experience. David does a better job of explaining it, so give this post a read if you’re curious. The one thing I can say is I’m definitely going again (on February 6th, to be exact!).

Instead of watching TV, I listened to a few episodes of The Art of Simple podcast. The URL and description are deceiving, because they make it sound like it’s just for mom’s, but it’s not. So far, my favourite episode has been A Chat with My Literary Agent.

A blog post I loved was Getting Your Brain Back by MMM. If you remember, I decluttered all the apps on my phone this past summer, but this inspired me to finally remove Facebook and Facebook Messenger. It also reminded me that you have to replace bad habits with good ones…

The best money I spent was $200 on a ticket to last night’s Canucks game. I know what you’re thinking… that’s a lot of money (and it is)! Canucks tickets seem to be some of the most expensive in the league, which is why I’ve never gone before. Last night was my first game ever! But even though we lost, it was worth every penny to go and hangout with my dad for the night.

Finally, I was most grateful for a surprise call from my friend Claire in San Francisco. I have actually been making note of something I’m grateful for each day, but I absolutely love random phone calls. It’s so nice to hear someone’s voice, connect and laugh. Call someone today! You won’t regret it.

How was your week, friends?