IMATS Roundup: Observations from the Show Floor!

(The start of the IMATS Pro Night, the calm before the weekend IMATS storm!)

This weekend, I attended my very first IMATS!

IMATS is an opportunity for education, shopping and networking for industry pros. The amount of beautiful makeup looks I saw just in the folks walking the floor was amazing, let alone what was happening at some of the booths and on the stages! The show sold out both days, Saturday and Sunday, and it was PACKED on Saturday with 5,000 tickets sold!

I dropped in on Friday for pro night, and then went back Saturday. I have been running myself crazy, and opted to stay home and work on IMATS coverage and blog stuff Sunday, so I missed out on the fun yesterday! I did, however, sleep until I got a text message at 10:45 a.m. It was fun to sleep in, I hardly ever do that!

Anyway! When I first entered IMATS, I wandered the entire layout and scoped out the vendors before starting to chat with some of the brands. One of my first stops was Eve Pearl, which makes the amazing Dual Salmon Concealer (which I own in Light/Medium)!

Eve Pearl herself walked me through the booth and showed me what was hot for the show, and what was new.

She was stoked about offering an HD Pro Palette at the show, featuring their top HD Dual Foundation and Salmon concealer in one palette:

Her cosmetics are made for sensitive skin, won’t clog pores and are oil, fragrance and paraben free! The Pro Palette has these two products – the Salmon concealer:

And HD Dual Foundation:

She also offered a starter kit for makeup artists; everything you need to start a business, she said, is in this bag:

At IMATS, Eve was introducing a new foundation, HD Liquid Foundation Treatment:

Love the pump design! It comes in four shades, Fair, Light, Medium and Tan.

Eve also showed off her black and silver Pro Mixing Palettes:

And I took some photos of pretty eye makeup palettes:

And pretty lipsticks and lip glosses!

After we were done, I took a picture with Eve and thanked her!

She was so sweet, and you can tell how passionate she is about her brand and makeup!

Next up is Embryolisse, a pro favorite skin care brand.

One of the fan favorites of Embryolisse is Lait-Creme Concentre:

And Emulsion Hydra-Mat:

I was interested in their anti-aging line, as I’ve noticed more lines and skin around my eyes now that I’ve lost weight…and I’ll be 36 next month. Holy cow:

If I’d gone back on Sunday, Lait-Creme Concentre and the Smoothing Eye Contour Care would have been on my purchase list. Thankfully, they’ll be at The Makeup Show NYC, too, so I have another opportunity!!

One of the booths I wandered past drew me in. Hawaiian Moon Aloe.

Hawaiian Moon Aloe is 100% organic aloe, and paraben free. It can be used for a laundry list of problems – everything from diaper rash and athlete’s foot to rosacea and chemical burns. One of the reps smoothed the Hawaiian Aloe into my skin and it felt great, was absorbed quickly.

The aloe is produced in a facility backed by 100% wind-power energy, and their jars are filled and packaged by developmentally disabled adults who work with them through a United Way contract. That’s pretty awesome. A 4 oz jar is $30 and a 9 oz jar is $60. They were offering show specials, of course!

One of the interesting and offbeat booths I stopped by (it was actually my last stop before heading out on Saturday!) was Graff*Etch.

Graff*Etch combines graffiti and barber etching for men and women. Its pencils are creamy and blendable, and are formulated for newly-shaved, sensitive skin. You can use them to draw on a design with barber etching:

There are even stencils for designs:

Pretty neat! There was a picture I saw at the booth of a Smurfs design, it was cool!

One of the other brands that piqued my interest was Brett Freedman Beauty.

Brett Freedman is known for brows.

He has seven colors of brow enhancements – three for brunettes, two for blondes and two for redheads. He is known for his work in redhead brows (he has worked with redheaded celebrities like Reba!)

This vanilla mint Dr. Kiss lip balm looked awesome and smelled awesome, too!

Yaby Cosmetics was showcasing a new product at their booth – a fillable, stackable compact!

You can put what you want in the palettes – it’s magnetic. And check out the stackability! For a pro, convenient to contain your client’s makeup in one place, or for the consumer, perfect for your face of the day on the go!

Some shots of other Yaby goodies:

As I wandered between brands, taking it all in, I saw some amazing art taking place at various booths, as well as in student competitions!

Here’s a flower girl from the Graftobian booth:

Some serious theatrical makeup from the Temptu booth:

Some body art from Make Up For Ever Academy:

Body art from Kryolan:

The results of the Battle of the Brushes student competition were beautiful:

And finally, here’s a look at some of the craziness of the crowds. This is the scene at Inglot. This wasn’t even the worst!

The line at Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics was insane the entire time:

This is also a lot of folks waiting to meet Julie G at the Jesse’s Girl booth – but again, not the worst I saw the line/crowd!

Phew! I have many more tidbits and brands that I didn’t feature here because I’m planning individual posts on those brands and the makeup I picked up from them. I also have a post on bridal makeup from one of the sessions!

Did you go to IMATS? What was your favorite moment or brand?! What artistry did you love the most – I think the flower girl at Graftobian was mine!

I’d love to hear your thoughts!