I Could Live in October – Our Perfect Autumn Weather

I could live in October

Perfect weather, even an inch of rain! I could live in October with its warm 65° days that lack high humidity and its nights that are cool, sometimes downright cold. I’ve knocked ice out of the ducks’ water a few mornings. The night sky is crystal clear in October and stays that way until late winter. The days are too short for me but at the same time it’s nice to have the poultry put up for the night by 6 pm. Supper is ready earlier now, and then I’m in my jammie pants, warm fuzzy shirt and wool socks, a glass of wine in hand, by 7 pm. Living close to the earth means living by the seasons. We sleep less in summer, more in autumn, lots in winter, and begin to rev up in spring.

October is a little different for us this year. I’m not bow hunting. We’re not sure we’ll do much bird hunting because of home renovations, though Steve will still have a long weekend hunting up north with friends this month. I’m not going nuts canning the last of the tomatoes (I’m making tomato soup as they ripen) as I’ve put up enough stewed tomatoes to last more than a year. The Galeux d’Eysines squash that I’ve been referring to as pumpkins were cute down from their vines early this week. One landed itself on the ladder but the other, the pink one, grew vertically on twine without additional support, its vine and stem strong and worth of supporting its weight.

The meat chickens are doing well, growing fast, not always wanting to get up and walk but doing it so they don’t starve to death. When they go out in the morning they have to go to the far end of the pen to get their water and limited food. The number of grasshoppers has decreased so much that seeing one now is an oddity. Watching the fast-growing chickens waddle-run behind the bird with a grasshopper will always amuse me. The laying pullets are still with the meat birds. Two Silkies approached the pen yesterday morning but were driven off by one of the Barred Rock pullets. She’s still small enough to out through the electronet fence. I think I’ve named her Heavens, as in “Oh for Heavens sake, you’re out again.” The smallest red pullet is Goodness for “For Goodness sake…” Since she can’t squeeze out of the fence she simply flap-climbs to the top of the chicken tractor and launches herself out.

This afternoon I watched maple seeds, helicopters as I called them when I was a kid, twirling through the maze of leaves falling from the trees. “What a wonderful video this would be,” I thought but didn’t reach for my phone. I’ve been living in the moment a lot lately, taking in details, day dreaming of brick ovens, ordering bread pans, baking bread…

My discovery of something shook up the peaceful October feeling. Can you guess what’s here? I should have known.

I could live in October with a cup of hot coffee in the early morning, standing on the back porch with a wool sweater. Wine in the evening, a blanket over my legs, knitting needles. Oh! And the vegetables. Bok choy, tatsoi, carrots, spinach, beets, beet greens, turnip and more. I should show you! Soon!