How to Watch April the Giraffe Have a Baby


If you haven’t heard about April yet, I have no idea why you clicked on the link to read this article, but thank you for doing so all the same!

In case you’ve been abandoned under a rock, April is a pregnant fifteen year old giraffe currently homed at the Animal Adventure Park in New York. In most ways, she’s just a typical giraffe, though her 95,000 loyal day and night viewers would probably scoff at such a claim.

A few weeks ago, the lovely folks at the zoo put a web cam on April because “she was due to have her baby soon!” Naturally, all of us who wished for a break from politics tuned right in and waited for that baby.

And then we tuned in the next day and waited for that baby again.

And again.

And it has gone like that for almost two weeks now, yet April – and us! – are still completely babyless. That doesn’t seem to discourage anyone from watching though. In fact, the following has only gotten stronger and has been accompanied by hashtag teams, naming parties, t-shirts, and some $30,000 in donations to Animal Adventure Park.

Also a mouse named Gus Gus, who regularly steals April’s food at night.

So if you haven’t been enraptured yet by this cod-chewing spotted marvel, now’s your chance to learn how to watch her have a baby like the rest of us who have been doing it instead of sleeping!

Find the Right Feed for You

There are a lot of news channels that stream April live on Facebook, and you’ll just have to hunt for one through the videos tab until you find one you really like. The same communities sit on the same ones day after day, so you can just plop right down with some popcorn and chat while April poops, tosses her hay around, or harasses Oliver, the baby’s daddy. It isn’t more exciting than it sounds, but we love it all the same.

Not feeling social? That’s okay too. You can watch the live stream from or on YouTube. Just type in “Ap” and I am sure “April the giraffe live” will pop right up for you, because the fan club never sleeps, so April never stops trending.

Choose a Side

While choosing which team you join is pretty serious – you can even buy a shirt with your hashtag on it from Animal Adventure Park – I promise it isn’t nearly as serious as which shampoo you’re going to use to wash your hair (do you want silky, or do you want volume? I just can’t decide). Whether you’re #TeamEgg or #AprilsViewCrew is entirely up to you.

  • #TeamEgg: This team remains convinced that April will, in fact, lay an egg, and often tell tales of how this is going to happen. For example, some members of #TeamEgg remain convinced that April will, in fact, lay an egg, leave the egg with Oliver, and go hunting for fish while Oliver incubates the egg. This is ridiculous, obviously: male giraffes have little to do with females once they’re impregnated, so obviously this wouldn’t work. I’ll leave team decisions up to you, however.
  • #AprilsViewCrew: This is the team that believes April is going to have a live baby, and watches more often than they should to one day prove #TeamEgg incorrect.

Buy a Phone Charger for Each Room of Your House

Is she going to have her baby at ONE in the afternoon or at ONE FIFTEEN? We just don’t know, so it’s incredibly important you have a phone charging station in all locations of your house, obviously. Alternatively, you can use your Roku/PlayStation/Amazon Fire and watch on the YouTube app, or if you’re super fancy, use your Smart TV to do the same thing. If you have to work all day, don’t sweat it – just put her on in an incognito browser window and no one will ever know you were silently checking in on a giraffe every few hours to see if anything has happened. After all, if you aren’t constantly checking on her, you’ll miss such exciting events such as Gus Gus running across the floor or the giraffe-face-in-the-bedding-omen, as seen here:

How devastated would you be if you missed this?! I know I would be. So get those chargers!

Enjoy – and Wait

We’re going on two weeks of waiting. I think this is probably teaching thousands of people a very important lesson: patience. We’re all learning more about how to wait for something to happen instead of being involved in this on-demand world of today. I think April will teach a lot of people that patience is, in fact, a virtue, and that it pays off in the end. That’s something I think is valuable to a lot of people.

Or we’re all just waiting around watching a spotted African beast with a neck as long as a human pace, eat, and lay down on a live video cam.

For 13 days.

Good stuff, either way.