How to Throw a Super Bowl Party for Under $50

The Super Bowl is a grand way to kick off the year, and it only happens once. Whether you’re a football fan, a commercial watcher, or a casual party-goer, Super Bowl parties are super fun. Here are some cheap super bowl party ideas to help you and your friends and a fun time cheering on your favorite teams!

One might ask, “What is the super bowl?”. I know it sounds crazy but some people really don’t know (or care!). The Super Bowl is the championship between the AFC and NFC in the NFL. The Super Bowl takes place on February 5th, 2017. The teams are still TBD by January 22nd.

The Food

Food is a very important role in any party. For the Super Bowl, Papa John’s always has a Super Bowl special, and you cannot forget about Little Caesars, who always has pizza for five dollars each. Both pizza companies have different wings and sauces, which are a vital, yet easy food. Plenty of dips, chips, breads, and fun snacks, like these cute football-themed appetizers.

You’ll need drinks, which you can ask your friends to bring. I suggested the same tip when sharing How to Throw a NYE Party on a Budget, so everyone has the drinks they like and you don’t have to worry about pleasing everyone.

A simple and quick dip to make is hummus, which only requires six simple ingredients; garbanzo beans, olive oil, pepper, salt, minced garlic, and lime juice. You can customize it with any other seasonings, and any added vegetables. To make this, you’ll need a food processor.

First, open your beans and drain them, then dump them into the food processor. Add in your seasoning, lime juice, and garlic, and start to blend. Add in olive oil as you go, blending until smooth. Keep testing it and adding in more seasoning and/or garlic until it fits your liking.

Dip into the hummus with tortilla chips, pita chips, bell peppers, carrots, celery, corn chips, and anything else that seems fitting. Making hummus will maybe run you about $10, and you probably already own some of the ingredients. It will run you an additional $10 to get all the things for dipping but these are also easy items for your guests to bring.

A fun and easy dessert to make is football brownies. I used this recipe, because it was dairy free. The brownies turned out a lot darker than I intended, and I didn’t have the exact pan I wanted to use to make them thin, and cut out and ice them to look like footballs. Since I used a kind of tall and narrow pan, the brownies came out kind of cakey, but a little denser than we’d liked. Instead of icing them to look like footballs, we iced an uneven, and kind of sad football on them.

Lesson learned: it doesn’t matter how ugly your snacks are, because as long as they’re tasty, they’ll get devoured! This recipe can run as much as $25, especially if you don’t have any of the ingredients.  I was worried about not having enough leftover baking supplies from Christmas, so for me it was a good idea just to stock up on products like sugar, flour, and eggs.

A great way to keep the cost of the party down is by asking people to bring their favorite snacks or drinks. This way, everyone is pleased and can try out new foods, and you aren’t beat down with the cost of a party for 20 people. If you have that many people, you would definitely have to double some of the recipes or increase the amount of food you’re buying. A bag of chips or two may last while snacking around, but if people are sitting down and really eating, there is a probability of running out.

The Atmosphere

Make sure the game is on, and any pregame activities are playing. Have small games set up for people who aren’t super interested in football, and a bracket. The bracket will mostly be set up, because the championship games are January 22nd, but by February 5th, you can learn enough about the 2 teams to take a guess.

If you don’t know what a bracket is, here is a good visual. A bracket in any sport basically displays the teams that made the cut to be in their championship rounds. In the case of the NFL, it’s deciding who gets to the Super Bowl. It starts out with the Wild Card round, 4 teams from the AFC (American Football Conference) and 4 from the NFC (National Football Conference). These both mean the same things, but divide the 32 teams in the NFL into 16.

This gives an even playing field for deciding which team gets into the Super Bowl. Next is the Divisional Round, where the winners from the WC games play each other. Next, the Championship round, where there will be 4 remaining teams in total. The winners from the AFC and NFC games are the 2 teams in the Super Bowl. In a nutshell, the winners play the winners until there can only be one winner.

Besides watching the game, everyone wearing their favorite team gear gets everyone excited. Even if the teams playing aren’t your favorite or you just aren’t a big football fan in the first place you can still watch the commercials and half time show and have a great time with your friends!

Since commercials are a big part of the Super Bowl, you can set up a voting station to see which commercials were the party favorites, or have a discussion of the half-time performance.

Throwing a great Super Bowl party is easy with the right snacks and the right atmosphere, and the right people. Remember that your snacks don’t have to be Pinterest worthy and have everyone bring something so you aren’t doing it all. Invite your friends and people that make you laugh, stick to your budget, and you’re guaranteed a good time!