How One Book Inspired Our Whole Day: A Day in the Life

Welcome to the March 2015 Carnival of Natural Parenting: Day in the Life

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Have you been wanting to play more with your toddler (or older child) and some how completely run out of ideas for what to do? Then I welcome you to a day in the life with my toddler and how reading one book helps us plan out how we play and learn together. Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration to get the creative juices flowing.

 How One Book Inspired Our Whole Day: A Day in the Life

I use to keep most story time sessions for our bedtime routine, but I have come to find that reading before breakfast has made a perfect moment to focus all my attention on Sophia before tackling the daily duties of my life. My 3-year old naturally wants to play 24/7 and I figured we could extend the morning book into segments of play/learning opportunities over the course of the day just by relating points in the story to our life.

7 am-We started off our day with letting her pick out a story.This gives her a chance to feel some sense of control. We read, “How To Grow a Friend” by Sara Gillingham. The book has really cute illustrations and will compare how growing flowers are how friendships are made. This story was like getting two birds with one stone, gardening and treating others nicely.


8 am-Breakfast is a good time to talk about foods that grow from the earth and that even some flowers are edible. I found some fun food ideas for a flower theme on Fantastic Fun and Learning. 


Stacy Brewer, fellow blogger at who has gardened and grown her own food and #edible flowers, says both arugula and violas are fun to grow and eat with #kids. Check out her site for some more info on how to grow your own food in the garden and save money.



10 am – If you cannot grow at your home visit the local community garden. You can bring your own seeds to tend and harvest with just a small annual membership fee of 2 dollars. This is the prefect hands on experience of growing flowers and vegetables just like the story. There are so many benefits to bringing kids here to experience this!  Highland Gardens is in Hollywood, Florida and I found the place by typing “community gardens in (enter your city name)” into Google


12 pm Lunch Time. If you have a picky eater try to gradually work in one veggie at a time. After all this flower talk it is big fun to eat all the parts of one or at least one spinach leaf. 

 Via Mpmschoolsupplies


2 pm – Set up a play date to grow a friend. We met up for a play date with a local Facebook group called Broward Mommy meetup that schedules meet ups for parents with kids of all ages. When we want to get out of the house and get the wiggles out we can go to a local park, mall, or arcade where Sophia can play with friends in the Mommy meet up. During play time I can remind her of the story and building friendships. I even heard her ask one girl what her favorite color was. 



4 pm – Make garden themed art and crafts. Doing a sensory art activity with flowers and things from nature is fun no matter what age. we made a flower place mat with clear contact paper that is from teachingtinytots



A Sensory bin is easy to throw together with this theme as well. I love this one on Growing a jeweled rose. You just need some artificial flowers, small planting pots, and dirt. This is done supervised and I like to set up Sophia next to me in the kitchen while we prep dinner. 





If you run out of time in one day extend the lesson. You can offer to create more opportunities to learn and talk about flowers for the rest of the week or extend the lesson further into other categories if they are still interested.

I know if she likes something by the amount of time spent on the activities. If she’s not interested we just move on to something new and head back to the book shelf for some other ideas. I am going to start teaching some site words just to make her aware of them. Finding the Teachable Moments  has some really creative ways to make this fun and with flowers of course. 




*There are also resources for free printable worksheets with letter practice and fruit and vegetable sorting on Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas.


From my family to yours, have a great day!


Do you have lesson plans to go along with a book or other inspirations? Please share about how you plan your day, I would love to hear about it in the comments.


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