If you’re anything like me, at some point in your life you have browsed Pinterest, went on a mass pinning spree, but have never actually attempted anything you’ve pinned. I’d like to think that I am a creative spirit, but the truth is that a lot of DIY projects piss me off because the final product never turns out “Pinterest worthy.”

I first came across a DIY Gratitude jar pin on Pinterest many years ago and pinned it, thinking how awesome of a concept it was. Sadly, the idea never left my Pinterest board. Until recently.

The evolution of my jar

About a month ago, I was babysitting for a family friend and couldn’t help to notice her own Gratitude jar sitting on her kitchen counter. It was a simple mason jar with little slips of paper of blessings stuffed in it. I thought to myself how I should finally start my own jar. It doesn’t have to look perfect, I thought. This will be just for me.

I didn’t bother looking on Pinterest when making mine. I found an old mason jar and literally wrote in Sharpie, “Gratitude” in my awkward, messy handwriting. I didn’t want this to be something that I stressed out about it looked like. I wanted the jar to be for ME. Something to keep me accountable to count my blessings even on bad days. I wanted this project to be about gratitude, not about what the jar itself looked like.

The result

For the next few days, I slipped notes of gratitude here and there into my jar. I never anticipated making a blog post about this, and I never anticipated telling anyone about it. Days became weeks, and weeks became months. The result? I found myself finding more joy in the simple things, and practicing gratitude on a daily basis. I found myself extremely thankful for a 60-degree day in March, which is highly rare for a Wisconsin winter. I found myself more thankful than usual when my fiancé took me out to eat at my favorite restaurant. I found that I appreciated the strong aroma of my morning coffee at 6am before the rest of the world was awake.

Overall, I found that I was a happier and more positive version of myself.

(Bonus: The night that I created my jar, I placed it on our glass table in the living room. When I woke up the next morning, I found Trevor slipped this note into the jar before heading to work. I loved that the idea rubbed off on him without me even telling him about the project.)

For the sake of sharing my Gratitude jar with you, I did take the liberty to take 30 minutes out of my day to make it look semi- pretty for you. Hey, I never said I was a freakin’ creative genius. But I want to share with you my thought process that sometimes, life just isn’t Pinterest worthy. Just like you don’t need a fancy jar to practice gratitude, I believe that you don’t need a fancy, happy life to practice gratitude. Practicing thankfulness is for everyone. I learned that practicing gratitude is an art that takes practice. It takes persverence to find the beauty in a bad day. It takes a strong person to count your blessings on a daily basis. It is a practice that I believe everyone should strive to become skilled at.

I really do believe that even though I’ve only had my jar for a month, it has changed my life. It has changed my thinking and my overall personal worldview. Now, I try to add something to my jar every day. I am trying my best not to fumble through the slips of paper, and to wait until I have a rough day to release the magic.

There is always something to be thankful for. 

What are you thankful for today? Leave me a comment below!