House of Lies, Pilaf and Jolan#LittleLoves

It’s been the first week back to school for O and it’s been a reasonably peaceful week at home.  Hubs, A, also returned to work after a few weeks off and spent a couple of nights away as his job means he has to travel a bit.  I was dreading the two nights on my own with both boys, but I’ve managed!  Dare I say it, I didn’t find it too difficult at all.  We’ve still managed for a good week and I’m not feeling as anxious about solo bedtimes.


Like last week, I’ve not really read very much – although I have been catching up on some blog reading.  I’ve enjoyed reading through everyone’s Meal Planning Monday posts and gaining some inspiration to brighten up our weekly menu!  I especially enjoyed reading Hannah’s post discussing her Pregnancy at 39 weeks and the options of membrane sweeps and induction.  I was induced with Q at 38+6 and gave birth at 39+1, so I didn’t get to write my 39 weeks pregnancy post!


I’ve caught up with most of my regular box sets and so decided to give something new a try.  As I’ve been restricted to the sofa (oh dear…) to breastfeed Q whilst O is at school, I downloaded the first series of House of Lies on Sky Box Sets to watch.  The episodes are only half an hour long, which is perfect for a feeding times.  There is an awful lot of swearing and adult themes, but I’m enjoying it so far.


I’m back into the world of cooking!  This weeks meal plan started off with a new Slimming World recipe of Chickpea and Roasted Red Pepper Pilaf.  It was made with bulgar wheat, chickpeas, peppers, fresh herbs and topped with feta cheese and was utterly delightful.  It’s something we’ll definitely be making again as it only took around half an hour to cook.  O wasn’t a fan, but then he seems to be stuck in a rut with food and likes only a certain string of meals.  I like to change it up a bit and try new things for hubs and I as we end up making bad decisions if we’re constantly eating the same thing!


Last weekend, we spent some time at the beach in our wellies.  Saturday morning fun at the beach, playing with sand and trying not to get caught as the tide came in really quickly!  We also learned that taking the pram down onto the sand was a bad idea and won’t be repeating that…  We then got muddy on the playpark and headed off to soft play for the kids to play whilst we picked our horses for the Grand National.  To top it off, O picked the winner and so we were rewarded with a decent sum to put into our holiday fund!  Well done O!


I’ve been listening to some good old peace and quiet this week – aside from when baby Q cries!  If you’ve been keeping up with The Voice, you’ll have seen that Jolan got into the Final.  Jolan is from our area (and I wanted him to sing at our wedding, but hey ho, I didn’t get my way!) and so there’s been a huge push to support him lately.  Anyway, I hadn’t been watching the show and recorded part of the final show but missed his first song so had to look it up on YouTube.  In true Jolan style, he rocked out with an absolute classic and later with his guitar!  I wish him all the best in his career – he truly deserves to be on our radios and in our charts.

and Lastly…

I’m finding Q and I are getting into a good routine at home now and I have a better idea as to when he’s awake, feeding and sleeping.  I’m definitely enjoying my maternity leave this time around (so far, anyway).  I also managed to click a couple of photos for this month’s Siblings linky of O and Q together and I am in love!

I’m also lucky to have had some pretty exciting opportunities offered to me this week and I can’t wait to get started.  The type of opportunity where you get really nervous to find out about it and then burst with excitement to anyone who will listen when you know it’s happening…  Eeep!!

What have you been up to this week?