Holiday Gift Guide – Head Chefs

For this review I received the cutest kitchen utensils for kids! My son loves helping me out in the kitchen so as soon as he saw me pull these Head Chefs out of the box he was anxious to try them out.

The Head Chefs

  • High quality silicone construction
  • Suction cup feet allow The Head Chefs to stand on their own
  • The Head Chefs have cute features and bendable arms and legs
  • Kids and parents alike love The Head Chefs
  • This Head Chefs products will provide years of safe kitchen fun
  • Collect all 18 of The Head Chefs Kids Utensils
  • The Head Chefs, Love Keeping Cooking Cool
  • Recommended for ages 3 and above

We got to try out the Measuring spoon, Spatula, Icing Spreader, Stirring Spoon and Ice Cream Bowl but they have a wide range of other products available as well. Each one even has a cute story and name to go along with them. My son has been asking me when we will complete the set, and even though I can’t make him any promises as to when, I have told him that we will get a few more when we are able to.

Each utensil is made out of a soft matte silicone and plastic which is dishwasher safe. The Head Chefs don’t have any faces since their head is the cooking tool, but what they do have is cute little bottoms! Even my 2 year old noticed them right away and the kids think they are the funniest thing. They also have suction cups on their feet so that they can stand up, but some of them (ahem*Stirring Spoon*) don’t like to cooperate. The Stirring Spoon seems to be top heavy but if you get the feet positioned just so you can make it stand up.

The measuring spoon is really neat in that it has a tbsp measure on one side, with a tsp measure on the other side! The Spatula, Stirring Spoon, and Spreader Knife are all the same size as the average kitchen tool so can even be used by adults. We also received a copy of the Head Chefs music video which can also be seen on their home page. Take a look, it’s really cute!

It’s nice to be able to have something special for the kids to use so that I can still use my own utensils while they are helping out. Now, if only the Head Chefs could help me clean up the considerable mess that the kids make!

One thing I wanted to mention even though it is something I should have known better on – if you are going to forget to finish washing your dishes and leave them in the sink over night and also made spaghetti the same day, these will stain! Our bowl has a redish ring around the bottom where it was left partially sticking out of the water.

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