: Holiday Gift Guide – Eden Fantasys

The kids aren’t the only ones who deserve gifts! Eden Fantasys carries plenty of goodies for Moms and Dads, be it lingerie, massage oils, erotic books,

adult toys

, or party favors; there are thousands of products to choose from. Treat yourself and have some fun! They have some great sales up right now with some toys discounted by 50%! If the products you want to buy aren’t on sale, using the code FES in the checkout will take 15% off of your total. Read on to find out how you can save even more by earning FREE Eden Fantasys Gift Cards!

I won a few giftcards in the past couple weeks and have been saving them up to buy myself a gift. Currently, I’ve got this

Lace and Mesh Babydoll

sitting in my shopping cart. Ok, it may not be the typical red & white Holiday colors but this piece has been on my wishlist for months and they finally got my size back in stock! 

As soon as I decide what else I want to get with this order it will be on it’s way to me and the best part is I know that my package will arrive quickly and discretely. Yes, even to Canada. They use UPS ground shipping and I’ve never had an order from Eden Fantasys take over a week. I don’t know how they do it, but I’ve also never had UPS charge customs on any of my packages from Eden Fantasys. If you are Canadian you know that is important because UPS adds some crazy brokerage fees! 

While I did receive a product for this post, I also wanted to let you guys know that their Ambassador program has just recently changed. Instead of receiving a product for posting on your blog about Eden Fantasys, you can now receive a gift card as often as twice a month! Don’t forget, you do not have to mention what you bought with your gift card. You can talk about your shopping experience, your wishlist, your favorite product – whatever you want! For each new ambassador that signs up and lets Jenn know that I referred them, I will earn a $5 gift card so if you decide to join please let Jenn know know that I referred you (misfitmomma at gmail.com)

Here are some more details:

1. Write a 150 – 200 word post about EdenFantasys. You can write about specific products on our site, our community, the Ambassador Program, or just highlight different areas of EdenFantasys that interest you.

2. (Required) Include a link to edenfantasys.com using the term “adult toys”, “sex toys”, “adult shop”, “dildos” or “vibrators” (you’re welcome to include other links as well; this is the only required one).

3. Email me (jenn@edenfantasys.com) the URL to your post. Depending on the quality of your blog (age, content, frequency of updates, Google PageRank, traffic, followers on social networks, etc.) I will then email you a $25 or $50 digital gift card code.

You can write posts for EdenFantasys as often as twice per month (please make sure posts are at least two weeks apart). FYI, gift cards have no expiration date, and they can be redeemed individually or in multiples (great to know if you have your eye on something pricey!).