Have You Heard of Doubledown Cosmetics?

Disclaimer: Gifted

A couple months ago, (May 11, to be exact!) I got to spend the day before my birthday with a nice mix of new and old friends because my girl Maria – the total badass boss behind the former Cult Nails and a former beauty blogger – had friends Kristen and Marvin Speller in town, and she wanted Kristen and I to meet. I invited my BFF and her husband and it was a party!

For hours us women talked about makeup, skincare, life and…did I mention, makeup?

The Spellers are the founders of Doubledown Cosmetics, and Kristen is not just a singer/performer, she’s passionate about what makeup can do for a woman’s soul and creating nontoxic products. But more on that in a moment. Here’s a pic of us ladies from that night, before I jump in:

Left to right: Maria, Kristen, me and Cat

In 2017, Doubledown Cosmetics started with faux leather makeup bags, including this one:

Another makeup bag says, “Contour ain’t about geometry.”

The line has since expanded to include beautiful loose mineral pigments that have good ingredients. Kristen said she is passionate about this; Doubledown’s products are natural, non-GMO, organic, paraben free and nontoxic. The brand says all products are made in the U.S.A. The L.A.-based brand donates to the Domestic Violence and Homeless Charities of Los Angeles.

These are fantastic, multi-use pigments. Check out these swatches – The Status, The Equalizer and The Dimension are Face Luminizer and Highlighters while The Remote, The Power and The Control are primarily eyeshadows. The Cosmic is no longer available, but is a cheek color:

Here’s swatches of the brand’s tinted lip balms – The Punk and The Future. To be honest, swatches don’t do them the same justice that wearing them provides:

For myself, with fair skin, The Punk is like a “my lips but better” pinky tone, while The Future gives me a boost of red color. Both aren’t as long lasting as a lipstick, but they are moisturizing and perfect for summer looks and winter hydration.

Here’s a look I created using The Equalizer (crease), The Power (outer corner), The Dimension (lid), The Status (highlight to brow and inner corner) and The Remote (as liner) as well as The Cosmic as blush and The Status for highlight :

Here’s another look using The Power (across lid), The Control (in crease and outer corner, and as liner), The Status (brow highlight), The Future Balm and The Cosmic (blush):

Here’s a look I did using The Punk and The Status – this lippie is quite literally my perfect nude:

I think The Dimension is my favorite of the luminizing pigments – here it is on my cheeks and as my brow highlight:

I find all of the pigments easy to work with and the glow I get from using the Face Luminizer and Highlighters is unreal. That phrase “you can see my glow from outer space” could not be more true!

Doubledown promises more to come, and I’m here for the ride. I have snatched the two releases they’ve made since I discovered them – The BabsGlo – a gorgeous purple pigment – and Doubledown X Medeaij The Confidence Kit (which includes The Confidence and The Concise) . The kit just shipped so I will hopefully have it within a few days!

So what do you think of these products and this brand? Do you support indie makeup brands?

You can shop Doubledown Cosmetics here on their website!

Disclaimer: I received the product in this post as a gift from the brand. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how BeautyJudy.com keeps it real!