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Hey all! As you know, I’m currently on vacation in New York City! (Sadly, my vacation is coming to an end. I’ll be back on Wednesday…with many pictures and adventures to share with you all!) In the meantime, I have another fabulous guest post for y’all! Amanda blogs at Blissful Gal. I’m so glad I had the pleasure to work with her! She is a cheerful, fun and beautiful girl whose lifestyle blog is inspiring and fun. I would love for you to check out her site!

Here’s what Amanda has for you in store today. She talks about some of her favorite apps. I thought this would be an appropriate spin-off post from when I wrote about 12 Apps Every 20-Something Needs a few weeks back. I love hearing different perspectives! Talk to you all on Wednesday! Xo, Chelsea

Hi Guys! I’m Amanda and I am the blogger Blissful Gal! I am so excited to be guest posting for Chelsea today because it’s my first time ever doing it for someone (:

Last week on my blog I talked about my favorite rewards programs, so now I want to share with you my top five favorite apps!

1.) Shutterfly

I don’t know about you but I’m obsessed with documenting my life (maybe that’s why I decided to start blogging).  I went through about a five-year stage where I didn’t develop any pictures!  Now, whenever I want to reminisce on those times, I need to scavenge through old photo CDs or hope they still live somewhere on my parents’ computer.  This is why I fell in love with this app the second I got it. I can easily send my phone pictures to my online account for when I want to develop them or create a photo project (like calendars or photo boxes).  Plus they regularly have app-exclusive deals! I have participated in so many of their “101 FREE PRINTS” and I just ordered a free mouse pad last week for Mother’s Day!

2.) Groupon

I love shopping; and I love getting a fantastic deal even more.  When I first heard about Groupon, I was really skeptical because it sounded almost like a gimmick. It is definitely too good and it’s actually true!  I love this app because it allows me to try new things that I sometimes would likely not be willing to try at full-price.  I’ve purchased things like restaurant deals and Shutterfly photo books and calendars!  You can use this on the computer and simply print out your deal, or if you use the app, all of your Groupons are stored in one place.  To redeem you just show the code on the specific Groupon to the cashier! Easy enough (:

3.) Shopkick

I just started using this app after writing a post about the best rewards programs I found.  A follower commented on the post and told me about it and it changed my life! It records when you simply walk into a store and eventually you can receive cash for just walking into your favorite stores!



4.) Food Apps (Like Papa John’s or Chipotle)

Now, if your town loves Chipotle as mine does you are all too familiar with the lines wrapping around the store during lunch and dinner time.  The best way I have avoided this while still getting to eat my favorite fast food.  I can choose any option from their normal menu and choose a time to pick it up.  The only thing I wish they would allow is choosing both types of beans or rice.  I just write I want extras in the comments.


5.) Pinterest

This is simply the Heaven of all things that are online.  From searching for style inspiration to fun DIY projects, I can find whatever I need here.  I try to live a healthy lifestyle and am always interested in how to cook with certain types of foods and Pinterest never disappoints.  I know this app has been around for a while, but it is seriously perfect for everyone! The stereotype is that it’s only for women is simply not true anymore since it has evolved so much

If you haven’t tried any of these apps before, I hope you will after reading about how much I love them! I also hope to get to know you better either through guest posting for Chelsea sometime in the future or on my blog (:

xoxo -Amanda

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