Guest Poetry: 2020 – Mykie Writes It

I’m thrilled to share this fun, timely political poem by David Curtis. It’s one of the first poems he’s ever written, inspired by the current political landscape in the US this election year and I really enjoyed his efforts. I asked to share it here for others to enjoy and he agreed. David usually writes essays, mostly on history, politics and health.


The man on the right sits ringing his chime.
The man on the left sits biding his time. 
The man on the right loves his red hatted sheeple.
The man on the left thinks he speaks for the people. 
The man on the right thinks it's good to drink bleach.
The man on the left can't remember his speech. 
The man on the right loves elitist and thugs.
The man on the left sniffs shoulders during hugs.
The man on the right screams " Hell if I know!"
The man on the left is a corporate DINO.
The man on the right thinks he'll win the election,
The man on the left thinks that he's the selection. 
Either direction is a horrible choice.
The little man outside had the best voice.
"Our cause is not over" the little man says.
"Have faith, have hope! There is always Cortez."
I hope AOC some day picks up the fight
And continues to battle the old men on the right.

by David Curtis

All right reserved. “2020” may not be reprinted without permission of the author.

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David Curtis lives in Florence, KY with his wife Michelle, Rocket the Russian Blue cat and his many fish. David manages the health and beauty department of a prominent retail chain, in addition to caring for his wife, pets and home. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, exploring history, watching football, sci-fi, fantasy or comic book shows and film, along with fighting for truth, justice, and the human condition. Much like Tyrion Lannister, he also drinks (coffee) and knows things.

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