Gourmet snacking … Tex Mex Style!

Louisiana Pepper Red Beans n’ Rice tortilla chips made with whole grains. Honestly, I expected these to be spicy -but they weren’t- they actually had a slightly sweet taste from the red peppers. I can’t say that they were my favorite, but I have my favorite brand so I may be a bit picky when it comes to tortillas! The bag isn’t all that big, so did go very fast with my kids ~ even mixed together with a different bag of chips.

Gringo Jacks toasted Corn and Black Bean Harvest Salsa. This salsa is just like homemade! I don’t think I have actually tasted salsa with beans in it before, and it was quite nice. Big pieces of tomato, kernels of corn and beans with just enough zing. It is a medium salsa, so a little spicy, but not too hot for the kids ~ though my kids are used to spicier foods than some might be because I tend to make it a lot!

Salpica totally natural and handmade in Texas Salsa Con Queso. All I can say is


. I will definately have to find out where I can get more of this! I am a little brand picky when it comes to my nacho cheese dip too, but this one blew it out of the water! I loved it, and love that is is natural too. A little spicier than other brands, but just enough to make it perfect!

Specially packaged for Gourmet Gift Baskets Southwest Trail Mix. If you have allergies, this does have peanuts in it. It also has jalapeno sesame sticks, sesame seeds, toasted corn, and sunflower kernels . Very flavorful, but personally I wouldn’t call it spicy ~ My oldest son liked it a lot, and my younger son said it was too spicy for him -and he is the peanut lover- so it really does vary according to what you like for spices.

Louisiana style 100 percent natural Hot sauce. The jar is labeled as zesty, but by itself it does pack a kick! It has a stronger taste than the hot sauce I am used to, and was too spicy for the kids but I liked it! My favorite use for hot sauces is for adding to pasta and chili, I tasted this out of the bottle but haven’t used it for cooking yet.

A cute little bag with an assortment of texas chili spices, including a veggie pack, chili blend, masa, and hot peppers plus a recipe for chili that looks like it will be delicious! A nice addition that isn’t listed on the website. Have not used these yet ~ will save that for another post!

And Finally, Guacamole mix. The label says it is also all natural, and all you need to do is add avacado . I didn’t try this yet either since I didn’t have any avacados, but it looks good!

Everything comes neatly packaged together in the basket, which is nice enough to re-use for just about anything you would like to use it for! Overall I was very happy with my gift basket ~ Once again, don’t forget to check out my giveaway so you can try all of these snacks for yourself!