Okay peeps, I lied to you.

A few days ago I shared with you that I was taking a momentary absence of leave from my blog to go on a massive road trip (details HERE where all we plan on stopping!)….. and, I lied. The truth is, I wasn’t sure when and IF I’d have time to blog, but I just so happened to find some free time tonight sitting in our hotel so I thought I’d share with you the first stop of our road trip, Glacier National Park! I was SO excited to share with you my photos that I simply couldn’t wait until I got home. Read all about the deets after the photos!

Trip details //

We arrived to Glacier yesterday and set up camp. Holy crap, they weren’t kidding when they said that this place is gorgeous! The views were absolutely breathtaking. We explored around our campsite for a bit before ending the night munchies in hand and reading our books in the tent (I know, we are nerds.) The bad news: Our air mattress took a shit so we had a long night of sleep on the rocky ground. We both woke up with a massive migraine due to a poor night’s sleep. We had originally planned on camping here for two nights before heading to Seattle, but we decided to cut it one night short and headed out early. (YOU try sleeping in a tent on rocky terrain without an air mattress!) I’m currently blogging this from a hotel about 4 hours from Seattle, stuffing my face with Domino’s pizza.

Noteworthy points about Glacier: 1.) I cannot BELIEVE how clear the water is. The beautiful trickling streams flowed throughout the park and it was the clearest, most turquoise water I have ever seen. I even drank some of it from the stream and it tasted crystal clear and fresh. 2.) We hiked Hidden Lake Overlook trail and it lead us to a STUNNING view! I’d highly recommend it to anyone making the trip. 3.) I was totally in love with the wildflowers growing in the fields surrounding the glaciers! Just so pretty I had to snap a photo of it.  4.) When traveling, I love looking at all of the surrounding license plates to see where others are from. On the Hidden Lake Overlook trail, I struck up a conversation with an older gentleman who used to live in my old college town! Small world.

Ugh guys. I was literally so astounded by the beauty of the park that I had trouble taking it all in! As I type this, I feel sad knowing that I may never see the sights again. Glacier is SO worth the trek. Growing up in the Midwest, I’m not use to mountain terrain, and I just love it.

I apologize if my next few travel blog posts seem more like diary posts; normally I try to gear my writing towards you guys (my awesome readers!!) but since this trip is so long, I want to blog as much of it as I can while I experience it. Not going to lie, I’m mostly blogging this for me to remember my trip! I hope you don’t mind reading in the mean time

As I mentioned, next up is Seattle. We are just a short 4 hour drive from the beautiful city! Hopefully I’ll be writing to you all in a few days, if I have time. Until then, follow the rest of our adventures on my Snapchat (@InspoIndulgence) and my Instagram! As always, thanks for reading! You guys rock.