Game of Thrones, Lovestruck and King#LittleLoves

This week started with the bank holiday weekend that brought with it some lovely sunshine and fun activities with my boys.  O went for his first sleepover at his Nana C’s house since Q was born and he had a whale of a time!  He went feeding the ducks, played on the play park and had a wonderful time with his Nana and Granda.   Back to school on Tuesday and O is now part of Forest School that runs on a Thursday morning.  It’s the only morning in the week that he willingly gets dressed and sorted – he must have a whale of a time!  The poor little things got caught out in a snowstorm last week though…  I guess the hot chocolate around the fire was their only saving grace!


As you’ve probably guessed by the theme of this section every week, I’m not much of a reader.  Unless it’s an article online, the weekly local newspaper or a blog post.  This week, I shared Q’s birth story.  Earlier this week, the lovely Hannah gave birth to her little girl Martha and very quickly posted her birth story at just 3 days postpartum!  I wish I had been so organised!

I also really enjoyed reading Pamela’s post over at Life with Munchers, discussing her methods of juggling motherhood, working, housework and the rest.  This is something I’m now having to figure out too.  Being a full-time working mother of one school-age boy is much easier than being a full-time mother of said boy and a new baby, plus everything else that comes with life!


Hasn’t everyone been watching Game of Thrones?!  Okay, so Season 6 has brought so many twists in only two episodes.  How on earth?!  I’m really loving reading all the different fan theories on BuzzFeed too.  As I haven’t read the books, I’m a little in the dark about the histories of each family and character.  I can’t wait for Monday nights – although this week, I was too tired to stay up to watch and had to avoid all social media channels during the night feeds so I didn’t see any spoilers.  Do you know how hard that is!?


This last couple of weeks, we’ve been making plans for Q’s baptism.  We’ve selected his Godparents, who are a right lovely bunch of folk, and arranged with the Church how the service will run.  We’ve got our cake booked and club booked for the celebration afterwards.  So this week, hubs and I have made the invitations to send out to our family and close friends.  I plan for Q to wear his brother’s baptism outfit too which will bring a lovely sentimental value to the day.


Last week was my 28th birthday and one of the gifts I received was a bottle of Vera Wang perfume from one of my oldest friends.  She’s a real beaut.  I’ve always been a fan of the Vera Wang fragrances and this one, Lovestruck Floral Rush, is really nice.  I’ve been wearing it almost daily since!


On Wednesday, O was playing with the iPad and managed to find this track on the Now That’s What I Call Music 90.  He played it over and over again whilst “playing the drums and cymbal”.  He made such a racket but he was really enjoying himself.  I’m really not a fan of this track, and after seeing it sang terribly live on TOTP at Christmas it does little more than irritate me to be honest…

and Lastly…

We visited the Lake District Coast Aquarium on our bonus day off together (Monday).  O had such a great time trying to find the different creatures on his list.  They’ve now opened a Sea Lab where you can see the lobster hatchery, tiny shrimp and baby rays.  It’s really quite awesome!  We popped out for a pub lunch and then sat on the harbour-side eating our ice creams.  It was a lovely sunny day too – if not a little too windy!