Franken-Polish is coming to Amerikan Body Art!

When I saw the above sign at the Amerikan Body Art booth at The Makeup Show Orlando, it was all over…I’d found one of my favorite booths of the show. Franken-Polish? YES, please!

Franken-Polish starts with some of that suspension base that you see in the maple syrup-like and old school soda-like bottles above. Then there’s a selection of micas and solvent-reistant glitters that you see below:

Amerikan Body Art has not yet added all these franken supplies to their site, and Erika, the owner, said she was measuring the success of the chunky/bar/different glitters she offered for customers at the show before deciding which ones to add to the site for frankening.

When this goes live, probably in the next couple weeks, not only will you be able to buy the supplies separately but Amerikan Body Art will also offer DIY kits that include a small bottle of the base and four or five empty bottle sets, for the beginning frankener (or perhaps for a gift for the polish addict in your life!?)

Empty bottle sets come with an empty bottle (metal balls inside already), a scooper for the mica/glitter ingredients, a small wooden stick for mixing, a plastic measuring cup (in which to do the mixing!) and a funnel, for pouring your finished, mixed polish into the bottle. Here’s a picture of the kit!

The kit also comes with instructions on how to make your polish!

Along with my photographer for day one of the show (my best friend, Cat) I decided to do the show special of three custom nail polishes for $10. (Please note that the prices at the show are not the prices of the merchandise when it goes on sale – as I mentioned, this concept is so new to Amerikan Body Art that it’s not even up yet on the website yet!)

That’s me, scoping out the colors before deciding, and listening to Erika tell me about her newest offering.

I went for a blue shimmery green, and two other blues, to mix altogether.

I was super excited to be doing this!

I poured my blue-leaning, teal concotion into my bottle using the funnel! I ended up making four frankens; three colors, and one glitter top coat. Here’s my teal, which I’ve decided to call Toes for Teal, in honor of Teal Toes, and the top coat I created using a blue and pink glitter with bar glitters, as well as a golden, holographic square glitter.

I LOVE my glitter top coat! Check out swatches! Although this was a blue-leaning teal, my photos (taken in The Peabody Hotel in Orlando) show it greener:

I wore this combo for two days, and I was pretty impressed with wear, too.

Here’s my other two frankens! What I think looks like an OPI Route Beer Float dupe (brown with a pink hint), and a dusty blue with golden shimmer and holographic and purple glitter:

I can’t wait to wear these and show them to you!

Erika, who started Amerikan Body Art in 2003, said the idea for Franken-Polish arose after her office received a lot of calls asking if their glitters were solvent-resistant. She did a little research about frankening, what the right polish base was, finding funky solvent-resistant glitters….and then she decided to debut her supplies at The Makeup Show Orlando. She said it was very well received!

Like I said, the supplies aren’t all available on the site yet, so you’ll have to check over the next two weeks. I will make sure to stalk the site and Tweet (follow me @beautyjudyblog) about it when I see it live! I definitely want to know all the details when this hits!

As a total side note, Erika said that she started her women-run business as a way to make a little extra income while homeschooling her sons. The company has since grown in popularity, but it maintains that family feel with several of Erika’s employees being mothers who homeschool. It’s not unlikely, Erika said, to hear happy (or, screaming, hahaha) children in the background if you call the customer service line.

I love a good start-up story!

Anyway. I bought more suspension base, and empty bottle kits, and mica powders and glitter. So I need to get off the computer and get to frankening!

What do you think of Franken-Polish, and Amerikan Body Art’s upcoming offerings?! Are you interested in making your own polish at all? Do you think this is something you’ll look for? I’d love to hear your thoughts below!