Food…Colorado Style

While the best part of last weekend’s trip was seeing our awesome friends, the food came in at a very close second

 Weight watchers points be damned- the food was so worth blowing all my daily points and my bonus weekly points.  I was 20 in the hole by the end of the weekend…

Saturday morning started off with with a trip to the

Walnut Cafe

.  The special that day was chorizo eggs, guacamole sauce, hashbrowns, and tortillas.  It was delicious– a hearty breakfast to get us through the hike that day.

Breakfast almost lasted us until dinner, and the 8:30 pm reservation at


, a Latin American restaurant on Pearl Street, was worth the wait.  The owners of Aji also own several other restaurants with one right next store–


, a vegetarian restaurant.  We were able to order food from both restaurants, so we picked the best food from both places!  The food was different that I am used to having, but I was excited to try some new and different meals.

Every part of the meal was delicious.  We started with drinks and my margarita hit the spot– this is a picture of my friend Caroline’s drink– mine was about half done before I thought about taking a picture


Next, they brought us homemade cornbread and banana bread with poblano butter and chipolte butter.  The spreads were a little spicy, but I would definitely try it again.

Our friends (Katie and Caroline) who lived in Boulder got an appetizer from the Leaf side– tempura avocado.  It was mango salsa, avocado, and a black rice cake.  The avocado seemed to be breaded in something and fried– a great combo with the salsa and the rice cake.

Then dinner came, and wow!  Here are 3 of the 5 meals we had

I had tamales from Leaf- black quinoa and corn tamales, acorn squash hash, confit ciopollini onion, jalapeno-coconut sauce (my mouth was on fire, but I couldn’t stop eating), and jicama-radish escababeche.  I’m still not sure what all the ingredients are– something to learn about and add to my cooking repertoire in the future.

Austin had  Pescado De Colorado– skillet roasted blue corn masa crusted  Colorado stripe bass, Peruvian stuffed potato (looked like a double baked, guacamole potato…yum!), napa cabbage tomato slaw, adobo butter, mango chutney.

Our friend Ward had Feijoada Brasilena– chorizo, pork belly, braised pork cheeks, black beans, white rice, braised greens, farofa, fresh orange.  Looks can be deceiving, and even though his dinner didn’t necessarily look appealing to me, Ward said it was amazing.  I trust his judgment and make take a bite next time around
After spending the next day skiing, we were all spent and didn’t want to go out to dinner (it didn’t hurt that many of us had already switched to pj’s by the time we thought of dinner).  On the way to Breckenridge, we saw signs for Colorado pizza and decided to give it a try.


What is Colorado style pizza?  Well, that what we wanted to know.  That’s 

Beau Jo’s

 specialty– pizza is sold by the weight with mountains of toppings and cheese.  The crust is thick and big and brushed with honey.  The two pizzas we tried were a vegetarian one (the artichoke hearts made this pizza) and a meat pizza.  The hearty pizza (and the boxed wine– Big House Red) was the perfect meal to end our trip in Colorado.

I would back to Colorado just for the food (good thing great company is there too)!!