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I was lucky enough to receive tickets to see the Foo Fighters play live at Sunderland’s Stadium of Light at Christmas – I’ve never been so excited about a gig!  I’ve been a huge Foo FIghters fan for nearly 15 years, even though I was shocked when Sir Dave Grohl that they’d been together for 20 years this year!  The Foo Fighters have been at the top of my list of bands to see for ages, but every time tickets for their UK tours went on sale, I was too late to get any.  Huge brownie points to the husband for obtaining them this year!

Foo Fighters 2015

We spent the day shopping at the Metro Centre in Gateshead whilst O enjoyed a trip to the local Zoo with his Grandparents.  We had a few bits still to buy for our upcoming holiday and A needed a new suit for our niece’s Christening, so we spent the day wisely!  And seeing as he bought himself 4 pairs of shoes in Debenhams, I treated myself to a new Pandora charm for my bracelet to remember my first Foo Fighters gig; a plectrum engraved with “I *heart* music”, a guitar and a pair of quaver musical notes.  We enjoyed a late lunch/early dinner at Pizza Express and made our way to Sunderland for the gig.

It was a bit of a nightmare to find somewhere to park the car, but we managed to find somewhere about 10-15 minutes walk away which wasn’t too bad.  We got to the stadium and walked through the miles of metal fencing to get to through the gates.  During my bag search, the steward was mildly amused at my bottle of Jimmy Choo Original perfume as he described it as being shaped like a grenade!  Don’t worry, I said, I certainly won’t be launching £50’s worth of perfume into the crowd!!

Both hubby A and I bought a band t-shirt each at the merchandise stand before beginning the mission to find our seats.  I never have really enjoyed being in the standing area as my legs get really tired and my back starts to hurt and, quite frankly, I just can’t be bothered with all the sweatiness and pushing that’s involved!  Download festival definitely started that off!  We grabbed a couple of beers and some crisps and headed to our seats.

We managed to catch the Kaiser Chiefs supporting set, although missed The Strypes.  To be honest, I wasn’t that fussed about The Strypes as I’d never heard of them.  I only knew the really famous Kaiser Chiefs songs too like Ruby, I Predict a Riot and Never Miss a Beat.  They did play a version of Pinball Wizard by The Who which was fab and got everyone up dancing and singing along.  They did a great job of warming up the crowd before the legends that are the Foo Fighters took to the stage.

As the Foo Fighters took to the stage, the crowd went wild and did even more so when they opened their set with Everlong.  One of the best songs of all time!!  It was amazing.  Followed by Monkey Wrench, The Pretender (eeep!) and Learn to Fly, these were moments I will never forget.  Dave Grohl eventually stopped for breath and told the 45,000+ strong audience that they would only stop playing when we’d had enough.  Of course, that wasn’t going to happen any time soon!

They carried on playing a mix of awesome tracks that spread over their entire record collection.  The stage was set as any other rock gig would be; drum kit, keyboards and guitars with mic stands dotted around.  No fancy dancers, no elaborate costumes; just the music, lights and the top dogs.  Absolutely perfect.

Part-way through the show, Dave sang Skin and Bones, My Hero (eep!) and But, Honestly acoustically at the end of the huge runway out into the crowd as the rest of the band had a break.  As he ran back up towards the stage, a new stage appeared as if from nowhere in the middle of the runway!  And it turned!  Absolutely amazing.  From here, they covered a handful of anthems including Under Pressure, Let There Be Rock and Next to You.

Foo Fighters 2015The Foo Fighters took back to the main stage for the last few songs of the show and Dave stated that there would be no false ‘going off, waiting for the encore chants and returning to the stage for a big final number’.  They would get to the end, it would be awesome but then it was time to go away home and reminisce about the gig!  They closed the show with All My Life, These Days, Outside, Times Like These, This is a Call and Best of You.  The band just stopped playing during the “Ahhh, ahhh, ahhh” section of the final number and the crowd continued to sing in perfect unison for a good while – Dave Grohl was quite obviously enjoying himself, stood appreciating their fans’ love for their music.

All in all, I can’t explain how utterly awesome the whole gig was.  I really enjoyed it after a heck of a long time coming, and would be back in an instant.  Oh, and if Dave Grohl ever wants me for anything, I’m totally his. #fangirl

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