: Fatal Daycare Accident: Donations needed

In my years on the internet I have unfortunately witnessed multiple scammers claiming they are in dire need for donations, only for those who donated to later find out that the truth was quite the opposite. For that reason I often skip over posts such as this one, but I hope you will continue reading. A little over two years ago, when I was still pregnant with my toddler, my 3 week old nephew passed away in his sleep (SIDS). The heartbreak that I felt then was overwhelming, and if it hurt that bad I can’t even imagine how badly it would hurt if anything happened to one of my own children.

If you are able to donate, click the button above and use the Paypal donate button on Steph’s sidebar. Every dollar you donate counts as one entry into the drawings.

If you are a company who would like to donate a product or gift certificate to be given away raffle style, please email me at misfitmomma at gmail.com and I will forward your email to Steph. All companies who donate through me will receive ad placement on my sidebar for December until January 30th.

Please read the copy/paste below:

This is of course the busiest time of the year but it’s also the giving season, the time where we make sure to think of others before ourselves. A family is grieving the loss of their son in a horrific accident. Read more here and here. Most of us can’t even imagine the pain this family is experiencing not to mention the financial strain. It’s my Christmas wish to be able to help this family, who are also friends of mine, to help take away something on their minds at a time that’s focused on family and love and happiness.

I am still trying hard to get some products donated as incentive to donate. I know that a childs death is sad and isn’t like a baby with a disease or curing something but it’s still just as important. If you son or daughter was killed in an accident what would you do? Every dollar you donate will be one entry into the drawing for prizes. I will get an email with your info and the amount you’ve donated and will email you back to confirm and give you your drawing numbers. When the auction ends tentatively on the 15th of January, possibly the 31st I will go through and random.org each item with them numbers to pick a winner (the two of you that have donated will be getting emails soon). I hope to have more details on the auction in the next few days as more sponors get back in touch, between the weekend and weather people are taking longer to get back in touch. Decide to give up your morning coffee to Riley for a day and you give $5 to a deserving family and get five entries to win some cool stuff!

The donations we have to auction off right now are:
$10 Gift Card to Bath & Body Works
$25 Gift Code to Steph’s Rockin Bakery
$50 Gift Code to PinkCherry.com
Jules Out Loud is donating a crocheted teddy bear
Jules Out Loud is donating a crocheted teddy bear
Project Mommyhood is donating a lovey from Noahs Baby Boutique
A Dust Bunny in the Wind is donating a $15 Gift Code to her store Nitebyrd’s Nest (she must have known what I liked)
Eden Fantasys is donating $100 Gift Code thanks to Jenn (blogger relations guru)
Jaded Vixen has offered two of her racy e books (you know us ladies love racy) on her blog under either pen name
The Homesick Cajun is donating a blog design that will include layout, signature and grab button!
The Real Poopsie is donating a $10 Starbucks Gift Card
Geanie Girl Graphics is donating simple blog design/makeover! (simple meaning no vector)
Amber is donating a Funkylicious Blog Design Package (istock not included) for blogger blogs
The Fresh Market (where hubs works) has donated a $25 GC to be used at any of their stores
EcoMom has donated a $100 GC to their website!

I’m going to donate a $25 GC to Eden Fantasys for a special drawing for all of the item donators!

You can also help by SPREADING THE WORD! I have been surprised that not many people have taken an interest but I’m hoping that it’s just because the weekend was busy and you’ve been busy shopping. I know my readers would do anything they could to help!

Babe and Riley were just a month apart, Sandra and I shared pregnancy stories, ultrasounds, fears and firsts. It always seemed like if one boy was doing something the other was right behind him or had been doing it. Both boys loving, sweet, funny little boys whoe changed both of us for the better. I see so much of me in her as a mother. The rest of her firsts with Riley are gone now and as a mother and a friend of Sandra I want to do everything I can to help and I know that you will too. Our blog family can help this family with this burden so that they have one less thing to worry about in the recovery from the death of Riley. Feel free to email me any questions that you may have!

The Rockin’ Bakery will be donating 25% off it’s profits to The Riley Memorial! We can’t do much but we can organize this raffle, donation drive and donate the profits to it.

If you write a post for The Riley Memorial please link it up at this link so that when Sandra is feeling low she can see all the love that we are sending her and her family!