Family, The Good Wife and the School Run #LittleLoves

Some of the blogs I regularly read have taken part in the Little Loves linky for a long time, and I love to read the little things that my favourite bloggers have been getting up to in the last week.  Now that I’m on maternity leave, I have a lot more time for blogging and so have decided to join in!  Although, I’m not sure how long the ‘more time’ will last with the impending arrival of baby due in the next few weeks, I will try my utmost to keep up with this one as it’s a really lovely way of keeping a note of the little things in life.  So…


little loves

My favourite post of the week has been written by Pamela at Life With Munchers, discussing how her family has changed since the arrival of her second daughter, MM.  It’s really got me thinking about how I shouldn’t let my anxieties of how we’ll cope with a newborn stop me from enjoying my new family.  Pamela’s post has made me feel a little more confident in that I can love both my babies and they will love each other in a tremendous way.  O is already very loving towards my bump; he’s going to be an awesome big brother!


the good wife

This week, I’ve started watching Series 6 of The Good Wife on Netflix, in a hope to catch up to Series 7 that’s currently showing on More 4.  I really enjoy courtroom dramas and this is very much like Suits – another of my favourite shows.  Hubs watches Suits with me, but has never been interested in The Good Wife – until earlier this week when he caught half an hour of an episode and wondered why he’d missed out on it!


This week, I’ve been doing a fair bit of driving to and from appointments for my growth scan, consultant, etc. and so I’ve been in the car listening to a new album I got for Christmas.  I’m rather behind the times with this one, but it’s the first Ed Sheeran album.  I’ve been skipping number 6 (Small Bump) as it freaks me out a little, but loving the rest of the tracks.


On my first day of Maternity Leave, I made some spicy roasted root vegetable soup with some rather tired-looking vegetables from the fridge.  It’s super yummy and Slimming World friendly which is a bonus for hubs.  It’s obviously packed full of goodness – which can only be good for baby and I!  I’ve also baked a Carrot Cake at my mum’s request – who doesn’t love cake!?


34 weeks pregnant

I attended a Christening last weekend and wore a lush maternity dress from ASOS.  Absolutely love it!  I had bought it for my brother’s wedding back in November, and did wear it once then.  But it’s a shame to pay so such a lot for a beautiful dress and not wear it again – so out it came for the Christening.  Lush!


I’ve been enjoying my first week of maternity leave and resting where I can.  Even though I’ve kept myself busy, I’m feeling a lot less stressed knowing that I have all day to get through my ‘To Do’ lists rather than a couple of hours after work in the evening.  I’m also really enjoying doing the school run at the moment.  Our mornings are so much more relaxed and I can help Owen complete his homework straight after school, rather than waiting until 5 or 6pm when he’s worn out.