Exploring San Diego and Southern California


Hi, peeps!

Today is a fabulous day. Why? Because it’s my first post rockin’ my new blog design! Inspiration Indulgence was seriously in need of a makeover, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with my new look! Along with this new look, I decided to implement a new feature on my blog. I’m starting a series called My Travel Diary, where I will include posts about specific places I have traveled to. I love traveling, and am thrilled to let you into this part of my life.

When I first started traveling a few years back, I didn’t have a blog. I’ve been thinking lately that just because I didn’t have a blog when I first started traveling doesn’t mean that you peeps shouldn’t know about some of the awesome places I have visited! Thus, today I am going to share with you about one of the best vacations I ever took, a trip to southern California in March of 2014.

Going to California was a dream of mine ever since I was a little girl. A Wisconsin girl, I had never seen palm trees in my life, nor the Pacific Ocean. In addition, I was obsessed with Hollywood and pop culture. I’m not kidding you- I literally wanted to be a famous actress and singer with every ounce of my being until I realized I didn’t actually have any talent in that arena. I longed to see where the movie stars lived, and I wanted to experience the “California lifestyle.”  I was a senior in college when Trevor suggested we go to San Diego for my spring break. I was beyond pumped.

Our stay

Trevor found a package through TripAdvisor that included round-trip airfare and 4 nights in a resort for about $450 a person. We stayed at the Bahia Resort, which was a cute little place nested next to Mission Beach. For how cheap this was, I was pretty impressed with our stay. I wasn’t expecting a 5-star hotel by any means, but it was clean and had a beautiful view of the bay – what more could a girl want? I remember us sitting on the deck on our first night with a glass of wine overlooking Mission Bay, palm trees and a big pool, and thinking, is this a dream?











The Mission Beach area was awesome. I repeat, awesome. Everything about how I pictured California was how it was in real life. We were walking distance from our resort to Mission beach. On the way, the street was full of vendors, ice cream shops, and little food stands. There was even a little amusement park with a roller coaster right next to the beach.


We were very blessed with beautiful weather. Our first full day in San Diego was the hottest of our stay. For those of you who are not familiar with San Diego, it’s a relatively cool city. It doesn’t get scorching hot like the rest of the area. Its average temperature is usually in the upper 60s. It was 80 and sunny on our first day…you know what that meant. BEACHIN’!

I’m a water girl at heart. I LOVE being by any water- obviously in Wisconsin, I’m by lakes or rivers. I had only ever seen the ocean once before on a family trip to Florida over 6 years ago, so it was nice to just walk on the beach. We had a delicious breakfast at a cute restaurant loverlooking the beach, walked down the board walk, and got ice cream. I was so impressed with how many runners, walkers, skateboards, scooters, you-name-its being active on the board walk. The place was so full of life, and made me feel so content.

We also had the opportunity to watch a west coast sunset, which hands down may have been one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life.

We decided that instead of hitting up traditional Seaworld in San Diego, we would go whale-watching. This story is an interesting one. I’m so glad I did it, but our whale-watching excursion was anything but ordinary. First of all, I got seasick, even though I took Dramamine before getting on the boat. This was very unexpected because I am used to being out on the boat back in Wisconsin, but I guess a motor boat and a ship are two completely different things.

I’ll give you the play by play about what happened next. Halfway through the excursion, I decided I was hungry. I made my way down to the lower deck to buy a hotdog. I had my phone in my hand the whole time during this excursion taking pictures,  of course. As I was making my way back to the upper deck where we were sitting, the ship suddenly jerked, and I lost my balance. Out of my hand flew my hot dog, and my phone. My phone fell to the lower deck, bounced off a pole, and nearly missing another tourists’ head before plopping into the depths of the Pacific Ocean about a mile off the San Diego coast. Everyone on the ship looked at me. I DID have a waterproof case….but I guess that didn’t matter, now, did it?

That whole activity put a damper in my day but it definitely didn’t ruin my trip. I had my camera so I was still able to take pictures, and it almost made me try to appreciate the moment more instead of being on my phone during the trip.

  • Driving down the Pacific Coast highway

Trevor and I are all about drives. We love to go for drives together, explore, and just see what this beautiful world has to offer. We are not one to sit and repeat the same thing over and over. We decided to drive down the Pacific Coast highway to look at the pretty coast. At one point, we jumped out of the truck and did some exploring.

In addition, we made a pit stop in Malibu just for the hell of it to say we did. Talk about glamorous! We stopped to eat for the “true experience,” where my hamburger and fries cost nearly double what they would back home. (No regrets!)  Note: Prices for everything- including gas- were WAY higher than in Wisconsin! I expected this, but it was still sort of strange to see.

It wouldn’t have been a true Californian trip if we didn’t visit Hollywood. I’ve always wanted to see LA as well. We drove through LA (which was an adventure in itself.) I was amazed by how fancy all of the cars were around me- can everyone seriously afford BMWs?! I know I can’t!!

Seeing the Hollywood sign and walking down the Hollywood Walk of Fame has always been an item on my bucket list. Once again, I felt like I was in a dream. I am so thankful that I was able to fulfill one of my lifelong dreams.

I literally look like an idiot right now because I am sitting here smiling reminiscing of our trip. It was truly one of the best—if not THE best—week of my life. California was everything I thought it would be- glamorous, warm, and laid-back. It was very different from Wisconsin; a lot more fast-paced. Although I am a Wisconsin girl at heart, I wouldn’t hesitate to go back to Cali- especially with my man.

Stay tuned for more entries in my Travel Diary. Thanks for reading!