Explore the Cliffs of Moher

For our first full day in Galway, we decided to try and shake off our jet lag with an action packed day on the Cliffs of Moher tour with Lally Tours.

We got on our bus at 10AM and headed out towards one of the many stops we would make on our way to the cliffs. Our tour guide, Jared, did an amazing job pointing out various points of interest along the way and stopped for the occasional picture and chance to stretch our legs.

Our first official stop on the tour was the Aillwee Caves. The caves were formed as the underground rivers under The Burren shifted over the years to create a system of tunnels and caverns. We paid a small fee (discounted for being with Lally Tours) to take a guided 30 minute tour of the caves. If it’s your first time in a cave, it’s a can’t miss— it’s got an underground waterfall, stalactites and stalagmites and much more. If you’ve seen a few caves in your day, you might want to save the few euros and have a coffee in the cafe instead.

Next we drove through the Burren, an otherworldly landscape made up of limestone karst in western Ireland. Though it looks pretty barren, our tour guide let us know that it’s actually home to tons of different flowers and plants, as well as an estimated population of 1000 wild goats that are rarely seen by humans.

JR Tolkien actually based much of the landscape for Mordor in the Lord of the Rings on the Burren. In fact, there is even a festival that celebrates his works that takes place every year in Aillwee.

Lally Tours really did a great job sprinkling the ride to the cliffs with fun and interesting sights. We stopped to see castles, viewpoints and little picturesque fishing towns along the way. We loved our tour and definitely recommend them if you want a day tour from Galway. We had a bit of a issue with the dates of our tours and their customer service fixed the issue for us quickly and happily!

We rounded the corner to see a familiar name on one of the sign posts. Apparently, Ireland has a Boston of their own!


We finally made it to the cliffs just around 1pm, and were super excited to see that the morning mist had finally lifted and the sun came out!

We walked along the cliff walk until we reached the part that isn’t sanctioned by the historical society. This section comes with a sign warning you to take extreme caution past that point and is pointedly located next to a gravestone honoring all those who have lost their lives at the cliffs.

Despite the warning, we saw tons of tourists standing uncomfortably close to the edge. We did venture beyond that point but were sure to stay a reasonable distance away from the edge.

We really felt like we could have spent 4 hours at the cliffs, but sadly we only had about an hour and a half. Our luck with weather here in Ireland has been amazing. When we got to the cliffs we had sunshine and the cliffs looked bright and green. As we left, the mist has rolled in and they looked mystical. They were so breathtaking and truly a bucket-list item.


by Kassie- The Fly Away Life