Ep2: Budgets with AskAllea

Episode #2

Today I talk with Allea about Budgeting and some tips for creating and acting upon good budgets

Allea is a huge fan of budgeting, minimalism, and works as a financial coach! Yes its Allea  (pronounced like Allie or Aly) She works with a lot of millennials to make proactive plans for right when graduating college and moving into their first jobs. Allea has the skill from helping so many of her peers already create action plans for finances right after school.

She thought, “How can I help people transition into financial adulthood” and AskAllea was born. It was made to reduce and make finances simple in a world of heavy duty information that is hard to discern. Let alone garbage and untrue information being out there in the internets. Her proven process that’s been trial driven on friends and colleagues has become a powerful process for empowering those who Allea works with to be in control of their money so they can put it towards what they want.

It seems that Allea and I both got in Car Accidents this January. We both have gone through learning curves in budgeting and both certainly have had issues of our own and made mistakes. No-ones perfect, but we can all at least be adults and learn how to handle money well. So enjoy!



How Allea organized a friend’s budget over 3 intense hours of work, how you can too!
Why a budget can empower you to spend money how you want. Even if it’s a $200 Taylor Swift concert ticket
Why budgeting for the responsible and boring things allows you to not be stressed when spending the other money on what you want your money to go on
What is Budgeting “gravy” and how to stay healthy in budgets
The importance of Emergency Funds
The emotional aspect of money and how to fix those nerves
The importance of saving for a rainy day now (automated savings)
Why everyone needs a coach or financial accountability partner like AskAllea or FinancialGinger
The role of emotions in bad financial decisions
How you can pay off debt, and still live your life!
Allea’s biggest financial success: (No spoilers! listen at 15:00)
Why talking about money is important for kids and couples
Average debts for student loans and credit cards are astounding!
Why everyone needs to learn skills in finance
The snowflake method of paying off debt

Money Maxim

“Living Within Your Means Doesn’t Have To Suck” – Allea


Action Items:

Organize your finances into a budget. (you can work with Allea or Me if you like)

Have an accountability partner.

Build an Emergency Fund, start with building up to 1 full paycheck, make a goal and plan to get to 3 months of spending.

Know it takes time to improve, and it’s okay to live life and have fun while working on debt.

It’s okay to say “I don’t know” and to get a coach to help.

Don’t call Allea “Ah-lee-uh” like Jacob did.



If you want to work with Allea you can visit her at AskAllea.com and visit her coaching page! She has a new 17 page guide the “Real Life Money Guide” and explanations of what they are, with some sass and fun. You can also ask her your own question that she will answer!

Find her on Twitter at AskAllea and Facebook at AskAllea and Pinterest

Get the starter homework and then sit down to make a beautiful organized budget.
Check out this episode!