End-of-Summer Bargain Favorites

Is anybody else sad that summer is ending? Even though I am totally pumped for Fall (mostly because of Fall Fashion and seasonal coffee drinks), there is always a bit of lingering summertime sadness that comes with the season ending. With a new season comes change and responsibilities. Although I am embracing change and looking forward to the future, I still would like to celebrate summer’s end with a few new end-of-summer looks.

I never know what to wear the first 2-3 weeks of September. It’s a very awkward time for fashion. Usually by this point, I am sick of the heat and looking forward to the season of sweaters, leather boots, and scarves. However, it’s not quite cool enough to rock some of those Fall looks. Either I wear jeans, boots, and sweaters early and get so stinkin’ hot walking around, or I settle with my summer clothes even though I’m sick of wearing them by this point.

Since I was a little girl, it didn’t feel quite like a new school year for me until I went back-to-school clothes shopping. Even this September, as I embarked upon my grad school journey officially full-time as of last week, I was not excited to start class until I had a few new outfits. There’s just something magical about back-to-school clothes. My motto has always been, look good, feel good. I feel inspired to start a brand new year off on a positive note when I feel pretty and confident. However, with now having to save for a wedding, I debated if I should even go back-to-school shopping this year. I decided to hit up the mall and only shop if I could spot bargain finds.

And, of course, Charlotte Russe had my back.

My first purchase was this bohemian-styled dress for only $15. I wore it to class on my first day last Wednesday. It’s perfect for the weather right now because I don’t overheat, but I’m not freezing. I am in absolute love with the bohemian-styled V-neck and patterns. In addition, I love the flared sleeves on this dress. I don’t think I could find a dress more than symbolizes my personal style.

This next outfit was thrown together in a desperate attempt to look nice on our vacation two weeks ago. I actually ran out of nice-looking clothes on our last stop, Washington DC, and bought this outfit on impulse. The T-shirt dress is from Gap and was on clearance for $20. The hat and necklace are both from H&M. I’ve never been brave enough to buy a large, floppy hat like this, and I’m so glad that I finally took the plunge. My only regret is that I did not buy one earlier in the season! It blocks the sun from my face and is super comfortable.

Lastly, this was the best steal of all. This white summer dress from Charlotte was on clearance for only $10. I love the long, free-spirit look of this dress. When Fall comes, I can pair it with a denim and wear this to class! I’m so excited about my new purchases. The best part is, they were SO cheap! I’m all about bargain finds..who ISN’T?!

What are you rocking as summer ends? Have you found any great bargains lately? Leave me a comment below!


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