Elemis Superfood Vegan Skincare Review

Elemis Superfood Vegan Skincare is formulated with plant-based, nutrient-dense Superfoods. Some of them also contain a natural prebiotic, designed to be a food source for the skin’s ‘good’ microflora. Essentially, the Elemis Superfood skincare range is designed to feed your skin into looking after itself.

Disclaimer: Elemis is a cruelty free brand, owned by L’Occitane. L’Occitane sell and distributes products from other brands in China, where animal testing is required by law. Read more on this issue here.

Although this is their most popular entirely vegan range, Elemis sell a range of vegan and cruelty free beauty products which are all available here. All of their other products are vegetarian.

I would categorise Elemis as a high-end brand. It isn’t ‘expensive’ to everyone, and you can certainly spend much more, but this is expensive to me and I was extremely lucky to be bought a gifts of this range for Christmas (thanks, Sis!).

Elemis Superfood Facial Wash

The Elemis Superfood Vegan Facial Wash was the first product I tried from this range, and I loved it (so much so that last year when my sister said, ‘what do you want for Christmas?’, I said ‘another Elemis face wash!’). It contains an active prebiotic and was voted “Best Cleanser” at the Women’s Health Beauty Awards 2018. You don’t need much of this facial wash to get a good lather, which means one tube lasts you ages. I use this most days, and am still using the same bottle I got for Christmas! (It’s June).

This superfood face wash makes me feel squeaky clean, and I always feel very gently exfoliated after using it. It does leave you on the drier side (I like it – it makes me feel super ready for my moisturiser) so I wouldn’t recommend this for anyone with super dry skin. I definitely think that it gives me a more even complexion generally, especially when used in combination with the other products in this set.

This face wash is £25 for 150ml if you buy it on its’ own – I wouldn’t say this is extortionate for something that I absolutely love, but it is the cheapest product in the range.

Elemis Superfood Day & Night Creams

The Elemis Superfood day cream contains a natural prebiotic and extracts of ginger, matcha tea and goji berry to perk you up for the day. This is one of Elemis’s lighter moisturisers, leaving you feeling super nourished all day long. This moisturiser is super lightweight and not greasy at all. When I ran out of this I temporarily switched back to a bargain moisturiser and boy could I tell the difference. This is up there with my other all-time favourite moisturiser by Evolve Beauty (more on that in the coming weeks!).

The only thing I didn’t like about the Elemis Superfood day cream was the lack of SPF. I know this is difficult to add without chemicals, but for me it’s an absolute necessity during the day.

The formula of the Elemis Superfood night cream is much thicker, containing barley, quinoa and sweet almond milk to nourish the skin, and a blend of Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Vetivert essential oils are there to help you sleep (thanks, Elemis). This feels great right before bed, and definitely keeps you nourished through the night, but it’s not the kind of moisturiser you can switch for day-use in a pinch.

Both of these Elemis moisturisers smell fresh and green (green is a smell, right?). They’re not heavily scented at all and I really like the smell, but I’m not sure it’s for everyone. If you’re picky on your scents, definitely give these a try before you buy. At £42 for the day cream and £46 for the night cream (both just 50ml bottles!), that’s not a purchase you want to make lightly.

Elemis Superfood Facial Oil

I LOVE the Elemis Superfood Facial Oil. Although the directions state to apply this superfood facial oil in the morning, I apply it at night. I’m not sure if this has an effect on its efficacy, but for me it’s just too greasy for daytime, especially when you want to use an SPF. This doesn’t contain Elemis’s magical prebiotic, but it is amazingly hydrating all the same, and I wake up with better skin for it every morning.

This Elemis facial oil doesn’t have much of a smell at all, which is fine by me (sometimes if something smells artificially good, I’m wondering if I should be putting it on my face). If anything, it smells kind of fresh, like the moisturisers, but not as strongly.

This product comes in a small glass bottle with a pipette, which is great for measuring out the small amount that you need. 15ml doesn’t sound like it would go a long way, but I’ve been using this for a few weeks now (ever since my night cream ran out) and I’m not even half way through the tiny little bottle. It’s just as well, at £45!

Other Products in this Range

The four products I have tried come in the Online Exclusive Superfood Essentials Collection, which saves you £53. There are more products in the Elemis Superfood Vegan-Friendly Skincare Range which I’d love to try someday, including a Kefir-Tea Mist, Blackcurrant Jelly Exfoliator, Superfood Vital Veggie Mask (I’ve got my eye on this especially), Cica Calm Booster and many more.

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