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Spanish lace peek a boo set

by Leg Avenue is made out of 100% nylon. The material isn’t terribly itchy or horrible like some lingerie lower priced can be, but it does feel very fragile and I wouldn’t trust this one to be machine washed. The directions do say to hand wash which is something I don’t like doing, but when the other option is to have the garment fall apart… well sometimes we do what we’ve got to do. The label does say that it is Ok to tumble dry but it’s thin enough that it doesn’t really take a long time to dry on its own so hand washing isn’t that big of a deal.

The piece has no back coverage, and as you can see there is barely any front coverage either so this is definitely not something that you will wear if you are hoping to keep warm while looking seductive.  The included matching G-String is made out of the same material which is too thin to be used for everyday wear. As in it’s definitely for “lingerie use only” if you get what I mean. The G-String does fit me with full frontal coverage, but it gets twisted when pulled on and off so figuring out how to untangle it can be a pain. Though it is nice that the triangle in front isn’t extremely small like some I have tried on.

Figuring out how to put it on can be slightly confusing at first. When everything is untied, it resembles an apron that you would wear around your waist. The shoulder straps are made out of a stretchy elastic that isn’t much bigger than a ribbon, and the strap that ties front & center

is a ribbon

. Along with the two ribbons on each cup, you basically have this half circle shaped piece of red see through fabric with two black triangles (the cups) and a lot of ribbons hanging off of it! To put it on, you need to drape it around your back and then pull it together to tie it at the front and around the back of your neck. I do think it is more see through than it appears in the photos because it doesn’t really hide anything.

I purchased this set several months ago, and unfortunately like most lingerie this does not look as good on me as it does on the model. I have grown used to the fact that the term “one size fits all” generally means “this won’t fit me” but once in a while I decide to give it a chance. I really dislike the peek a boo cups because even though I do not have particularly large breasts, it feels like I would have been better off with an open cup style because the slits do not stay closed well enough to keep anything contained. Instead of having a small space in between my breasts, the gap is large even if the fabric meets where it ties in the center. This also makes it so that the material which covers the models belly so nicely, doesn’t cover mine at all.

I guess it isn’t terrible for a set that is priced under $20, and most men will think it looks fabulous regardless of what we think of it but if I don’t feel good in what I’m wearing myself I have a hard time enjoying it. If it had even been a little larger in the cup size, it may have had an overall better fit. I think this may fit great on someone with a very small build but can’t imagine this fitting well on anyone with larger than a B cup. While this set didn’t work out for me, there are plenty of other pieces to choose from over at


and I would happily recommend them for your lingerie and adult shopping needs.

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