Dumb Phone, Smart Bill

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In a previous life, one might have known me as a phone-a-holic.

In the late 90’s, I jumped on the cell phone bandwagon with a  Sony Ericson flip phone from Powertel PCS, later known as VoiceStream (2001) and then Deutsche Telecom, which is now T-Mobile.

From then until the mid-2000’s I upgraded phones like they were going out of style. From Motorola to Nokia to Sidekick to Samsung, I always had the latest phone. I even participated in a forum dedicated to mobile phones, with a personalized image displaying my  phone timeline.

In the late 2000’s, circa Fall 2008, I went prepaid using Tracfone.

I felt FREE.  I was able to drive home without non-emergent interruption, listen to music on the radio or CD and unwind.  I’d freed up mad money by doing so.

I had a home phone (aka landline) through Comcast (aka Comcrap though I never had a problem with their home phone service) as part of a package and made most of my personal and consumer calls through this phone.  The phone service paid for itself, whereas paying $30.00/month for a data plan on top of crappy minutes, now with my iPhone through AT&T Wireless makes me wonder on a daily basis why I’m paying for this service.  I’m constantly connected to the internet at home or via WIFI.  Do I really need to be this connected? Do you really need me NOW?

I find myself calling my boyfriend and son on my way home, then disconnecting from them when I get home instead of disconnecting from technology.  I don’t like this.  I don’t like the disconnection I experience from my family and friends.  In the good ole days, you would be able to find out about your family’s day when you got home and got around the dinner table.  In the good ole days you would meet your friends in person at an agreed upon venue.

I’m ready to get back to the good ole days! Since I’m STUCK with AT&T for at least another year on one or more lines, I am actively searching for a DUMB phone on eBay and other avenues for at least one line.  It’s pretty hard to come by, but I will not relent.  I want a phone that does NOT require a data plan (or three).  I currently have 3 iPhones on my plan.  That’s $90 per month plus taxes.  That’s over $1,000 per year.  That’s a vacation, reduction of debt, savings, among other things.  I’ll start with me, then I’ll work on converting my family.

That’s not to mention the awkward moments when you find you dinner guests twiddling with their phones underneath the table at Thanksgiving because they just don’t want to miss the latest social networking update from their long lost high school friend that they NEVER talk to in real life.

Are you ready to disconnect, get back to basics?

If you’ve got a dumb phone or two to offer me and my family please contact me! I’m wiling to pay to go dumb!

Post inspiration: Modest Money “Why I Don’t Want A Smartphone”

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