Dos- the licking bandit

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When I was pregnant with Max, we referred to him as dos! This wasn’t only because he was going to be our second child- we joked that we could never imagine loving another child as much as we loved Chloe and the new baby wouldn’t matter enough to be named!  As much as we joked about this, I had actual concerns about equally loving the new baby compared to my firstborn. My concerns all faded the moment I laid my eyes upon my newborn baby boy. I loved him immediately, just as I did Chloe when she was first born. I wanted Chloe to know she wouldn’t come second to the second baby and left the hospital 24hrs after delivering Max! I wanted everything to be as it was before he was born for my 2 year old. I gave her a bath the night after giving birth while my family yelled at me. I put her to bed that night. Life seemed to adjust itself to our newly grown family.

Max was and is equally loved- but, there are some differences between your first and second child. Things that killed me with Chloe, just doesn’t with Max. I was a germaphobe to the tenth power with Chloe. I still walk around with antibacterial wipes and skeeve just about everything- but don’t get as bothered by things that Max does or touches like I did Chloe.

Max is in what I like to call “the licking phase”. If Chloe licked half the things I catch Max licking, I would have committed myself! Its downright disgusting and he turns my stomach! He licks the bathtub while being bathed,  our railing walking up the steps, the dining room table while eating breakfast, lunch & dinner. He licks my face- which he refers to as dog kisses- or cat, depending on his mood. He’ll lick the kitchen floor when lying on it- or the dog if he passes him while lying on the floor. This is a “dos” like quality in my second child that remains.

I loosened up a bit. Yes, I cringe every time I see him lick a book- but I’m not calling the doctor! If I could have put Chloe in a custom made bubble- I so would have pimped one out for her! Germs, falls, staying up later than bedtime, missing naps are things I wouldn’t dare take lightly with my first child- let alone her licking the leg of the dining room table! If we stay out past Max’s bedtime- I’m okay with that. He stopped napping before he was two- believe me, I wanted him to nap, he just didn’t. I’m (kinda) okay with that. If he falls- we shake it off. If he gets sick- it sucks, but kids get sick. You cant put them in a bubble. That seemed unfortunate to me with Chloe, but I’m happy I’m not constructing a bubble for Max in my head!

The difference between your first child and your second isn’t the love you have for either. It’s that your more comfortable and at ease in your role as a mama the second time around. Do I want Max licking everything in his tongues way? Hell no!

Dos will be okay, just like numero uno is. Thankfully, the licking remains a habit that’s kept in our home. Hopefully it stays that way-and we will all remain okay! If he starts licking outside of our home, I will definitely be rewriting this!

I’m hoping this phase doesn’t last very long.

Wish me luck!

Licking lollipops- YES!
Licking the refrigerator- NO!